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Stress Fracture

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

About 3 months ago, the top of my right foot started hurting me. It was exacerbated by a hip issue (likely bursitis of the hip) that came on right before the marathon. Trying to favour those injuries resulted in a lot of stress on my left knee, which for those of you who have read my marathon blog, know was a big issue for the last 10 miles of that race.

I've been deliberately ignoring the warning signs for a long time now. I didn't want the bad news and I definitely didn't want anyone to bench me for the marathon. I had worked too hard and too long to go out on an injury mere days before the big run. But I'll be honest - I was really freaked out that I was going to do some serious damage running 26.2 miles on those aches and pains.

I thought a week off running was going to be enough to heal. I booked the Hot Chocolate run specifically so that I wouldn't quit running after the marathon, but even when I booked it I was hurting and I knew somewhere in the back of my mind that there was a good possibility I wouldn't be able to run it.

Well, today I have been officially benched. And it sucks. A small part of me is relieved. And a small part of me hates myself for being a wuss and looking for an "excuse" not to train this week. But at some point I was going to have to face the truth of this. My foot isn't getting any better. The bursitis is fading, but it's still bothering me, and if I'm really honest with myself, it's bothering me too much to continue pounding on.

My chiropractor used a vibration tool on me today to test my foot and it almost sent me through the roof the pain was so intense (that was over 2 hours ago and it's STILL reverberating pain that I can feel just sitting at my desk). The tool vibrates the small bones in your foot to test for small fractures and so that test alone was pretty definitive, although she has referred me to a podiatrist for an actual x-ray. So there is hope yet that it's something else, but I almost know it isn't. Knowing how long it's been bothering me, and knowing when it's better and when it's worse, it has ALL the signs of a fracture that has been ignored too long.

I don't want to be in a boot :( I don't want to spend 6 weeks not running. But in some small way, I do. I still have the pool - and I'm looking forward to getting back there tonight. So perhaps, perfecting my freestyle stroke will need to be my main goal for a while. And I want to lose more weight. And the other honest part of that, that I have figured out over 9 months of marathon training and more over the past couple of weeks, is that in order to cut my calories enough to see a change on the scale, I can't eat enough to support a frequent running habit. I just don't have enough energy to get out there at night when I'm only eating my minimum calorie limit every day. So I need to lay low for a while.

I will medically defer my Hot Chocolate entrance to next year. Oddly enough, Nikhil is also medically deferred for a difference reason, so hopefully we can both still go and cheer on friends and maybe volunteer at a water station or something.

Yes, this is a big bummer, but it happens. And if my injuries last year taught me anything, it's that my body has the capacity to heal and to rebuild better and stronger than it was initially. Give it time to do that and I can do some pretty great things. It just gives me time to work on some other things for a while.

I might be benched, but I'm not out of the game completely. There is much work to be done on the sidelines, so that's where I'll be.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm so sorry you couldn't run it, but you are wise to let your foot rest. I'm also sorry I'm behind on Spark, with the new job it's hard to get on, actually I used to do a lot of my "sparking" at work, and now it's blocked. It was so great to see you today!!! We have to get together soon for our pizza date, and maybe we can meet Nikhil too!
    2362 days ago
  • ALOFA0509
    Rest is good sista... Njoy it! Your gonna be bk up in noo time-- emoticon
    2364 days ago
    Enjoy your time off of running. I have the feeling you are going to make the best of it!
    2369 days ago
    Your tenacity is continually inspiring. Sometimes our bodies don't want what we want... but sometimes they know what we need. Sounds like yours needs some rest and TLC. You'll power on, you always have.
    2370 days ago
    2370 days ago
    First of all, I missed it a few weeks ago, but huge congrats on the marathon! You're amazing.

    Sorry to hear about the injury and hope it heals up. When I had an injury earlier this year (I thought it was a SF, but it was just a really bad strain), I went through a bit of a denial period before I realized that ignoring it wouldn't make it better and would only delay the healing that I needed to do. I think it's even harder mentally than physically. Give it the time it needs, and eventually it'll just be a small blip in your running career.
    2371 days ago
    Fingers crossed, there is still a chance it is only a stress reaction and not a true stress fracture. Swimming should be ok and still a good workout. Let us know what happens.
    2371 days ago
    This is going to be a blessing in disguise... seriously. i think you will look back at this and agree.

    from one runner to another, I believe that in the end, it will turn out better than if you kept running without the stress fracture. The down time will do you alot of good. Now is the time to explore other fitness possibilities.

    you got this buddy!

    btw, thanks for the goodie :)
    2372 days ago
    Oh no! I hope you heal up quickly. But it sounds like a forced break from running might not be the worst thing for you. Having to rethink your fitness and food plans just might be the reset you need after the marathon - and give you a new goal to work towards. And, of course, you have to take care of yourself - don't make the problem worse!
    2372 days ago
  • -POOKIE-
    I fractured a bone in my foot, walking down stairs carrying my ex's crap (why I helped him I don't know). Took a while to heal once I convinced my Dr to let me get an x-ray.

    I hope you don't let yourself feel disheartened. Swimming as you know is super exercise. Perhaps you could even add the challenge of learning a new stroke if you dont feel pushed enough?
    2372 days ago
    You've mastered the distance running thing. So now you can work on your triathlon skills. A little distance swimming, some cycling and you'll be ready for a triathlon in no time. Rest that foot and take some time to heal. You earned it.
    2373 days ago
    Swimming is a great idea! I'm sorry you're on the bench for a bit, but it's just further proof that you're an athlete now. Look at all those professional athletes who don't make it through a whole season. You're just like them. Don't let it get you down though, you've had a tremendous year and just need to rest up a little. And if you have to wear a boot or a cast, it's ok, you'll rock the s___ out of that boot/cast!
    2373 days ago
    That is really too bad. I know this is something you've been working for for a long time. You don't want to do more serious damage, though.
    2373 days ago
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