Find your Beeyootifulllll Day!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What a great day God has made today! It's just Beeyootifulllll! Make sure you put a huge accent on that first syllable and a pretty good one on the second.

After such a nasty one yesterday (and of course that was one of the two days a week I work lol), today dawned bright and beautiful, so much that my petunias and verbena opened up some more blooms. The verbena was nearly done, but some of the red in the middle of the yellow opened up and they are smaller but just lovely. Tickled me pink and chased all my blues right off, they did. So what's with all this colorful language?!?

At least it's not the kind that will get me hollered at ;)

I hope you are having such a pleasant day, too. If not, find yourself some pretty pictures to look at and give yourself a mental beeyootifulllll day to enjoy! Find a comfy chair and sit in it. Take some deep breaths, close your eyes, relax, and imagine such a calming scene. When you were a kid, they called it daydreaming, but now that you are an adult, you have to call it meditating. Give yourself a few minutes of Beeyootifulllll today.
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