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My luck has been awful!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I don't know whats going on lately but my luck continues to suck. Last Friday I fell three times lol Then I dropped a 38 dollar bottle vitamins on the floor breaking it at work. Yesterday I was safe. Today at my other job i was pushing a 2 wheeler of books. 1 box had expensive books in it the other box 20-40 dollar books. My 2 wheeler tipped over and the expensive box came falling out into a puddle of muddy water. I grabbed a shirt in my car and wiped them off and fanned them all over in the back of my car saving what I could. Opened them up to find out a ruined a $150 dollar set of books and a $75 dollar book UGHHH! I was so stressed out I locked my keys inside my car. So then I had to go find someone who could break into a car which was surprisingly easy lol The warehouse where we keep our books has a lot of interesting ppl working there. So of course one had a kit to break into cars with. My boss was not happy. He didn't yell at me but I could tell he was angry. I left work early, he seemed to have issues looking at me after that happened =( Such a terrible mistake, I felt so sick I couldn't eat lunch and got a headache.

Eating has been crappy, i finally got out for a run this morning before work. Just been feeling blah lately. I made chocolate chip muffins over the weekend thought I could freeze them and eat them slowly. ughhhhh not really. Sadly sugar is sugar and is addictive to my brain. They are still in my freezer on a tuesday, hey that's something! Or 2 of them are. Oh ya did I mention my box for my laptop came to ship it in to get it fixed. Scot tried turning it on and it came back to life lol Amazing huh! He said it could still be corroded though we might not know for a bit. My warranty is up in January. So I got some time to watch it still.

Here is my photos for the past few days.

Day 32: Long day and all I had energy to do was shoot cat and dog love.

Day 33: I visited the tiny Jewish cemetery here in town. I looked up this woman on google and found this link to an article written about her amazing wedding. She died 7 months after and also 1 day after birthday.

Day 34: Our new stalker neighbor cat, staring in our windows, wanting to be our new cat.

Day 35: What lies beneath. Ever since we moved in we have these painted over locks on our pocket room. Before and after check out what we found underneath!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Your pictures are beautiful! Sorry to hear about the books...these things happen and hopefully your boss will not be upset with you any longer.
    2065 days ago
    That is some awful luck! I hope things get better with your boss. Those locks are beautiful!
    2065 days ago
    boo, sorry to hear about the crumminess! I love the peeking kitty picture :D
    2065 days ago
    wow, people are such assh0les on here. Sorry jules. Your luck will turn around.
    2065 days ago
    I wasn't rushing, I do the same thing everyday. I was paying attention at work. The box was heavy and fell forward before I could catch it and there was a puddle. There has been no rushing when any of this happened. I was paying attention. This is why I should have a private blog.
    2065 days ago
    I agree, I think you do have to pay more attention. When I am rushing everything goes out the window! Say for instance in Atlanta on Sunday leaving the Hyatt for a flight back to Chicago, left ear piece in rental, drop perfume on bathroom floor & it burst (thankgoodness it was a good scent) & then the cherry on top: LOST MY CELLPHONE! Now, I had to buy a new phone & don't know any numbers cause they're all in the old phone!UGH!! But you know what? I had a good time with my daughter, we made it safely there & back, everything was almost as we left it last Thursday. So I celebrate those things not say that I don't think of my old phone & where she is at. I am not looking back onward & upward. Feel better Sweets.

    God bless,

    2066 days ago
    Nothing personal, but my "luck" generally gets better when I pay attention to what I am doing... and worse when I am distracted
    2066 days ago
    My luck lately could be better too. I'm a little peeved at your boss for taking this out on you. Everyone has accidents and he should have insurance to cover this. You could have been hurt and that is what he should have been concerned with.

    My eating is terrible. My diet terrible. My stress level is terrible. LOL. Not sure if I have anything that is good right now. I sure hope things look up for you.

    I totally LOVE cat and dog love and your window peeper!!! That lock is beautiful as is the headstone. I once lived across the street from a cemetery.

    2066 days ago
    Sorry about your bad luck lately, but things will turn around. The book accident could have happened to anyone. Hang in there girlie!
    Your pics are so good. I love them all.
    2066 days ago
    change your thoughts change your world choose to have a great day
    lock is awesome
    2066 days ago
    Better days are always ahead. Hang in there. And don't worry about the books, it could've happened to anyone.

    I haven't told you lately, but I really love the pictures you take. I'm so glad you're finding a way to fit something you love into your life. :)
    2067 days ago
    Gorgeous door hardware!

    And sad about the books - not that there's much you can do about it now - but it does seem as if this might be time to establish a new system for transporting the books, to prevent accidents like this.
    2067 days ago
    Save the good times to remember during times like these that are not alright!
    2067 days ago
    The door locks are pretty! If its all fixed up around :P. Plus you should take the stalker cat in ;).

    Also, as for the crappy luck, its over and now you can relax. My crappy luck was last week :(. Also,.....if you had alot of bad luck, you'll have good stuff coming your way soon...I truly believe that :).
    2067 days ago
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