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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Well on the weekend it was my Birthday so we headed to Sydney (all of us) to Cirque Du Solei. It was fantastic. It was Ovo. It was insect inspired. I cannot believe what those people can do. We went out for dinner on the Saturday night with my brothers and my niece. It was really nice. The next day the kids had money saved so they shopped up a storm. I wasn't too bad with the eating although I did have honey cashews and a magnum icecream (and then felt YUK) but all in all I only had salad sandwich for lunch one day and a chicken and avocado crepe the other. O I forgot the birthday cake. I ate half a slice of that.
I have been very motivated this week. My husband has been meeting me in my lunch break and we have been doing a 4.9 kilometre run each day. It has been good because I push myself alot more when he is with me. I usually stop and walk briskly for a minute or so to get back my breath but because Im with him I keep plugging along and only did that twice for about 20 seconds.
He is fitter than I thought and is loving running. He has had sore shoulders for the past few months (he is concretor) so we thought it was just the repetitive motion Um no he has fractures in his shoulder bones. 2 of them.
He is feeling upset by this because he feels his body is letting him down.
So I am feeling really good at the moment. I am eating really well and of course running and the when I get home I also do a Nike Training Club workout. So that is 30 to 45 minutes. I have been doing body specific workouts as well. So on Monday night I did Drill sargent. ( an all over body circuit) 40 minutes and Butt blaster 15 minutes. (which is so true my butt is so sore) and last night I did Shoulder ripper and Arm sculpter.
I am feeling pumped.
I would like to lose around 20 kilos. I seem to have gotten bigger every year and it is just not on. I am so happy Luke (hubby) is doing this too as it makes me so much more disciplined and more determined to do this. I am aiming on losing 10 kilos before christmas. I would be happy with this as I just saw my brothers on the weekend and wont see them until then and hopefully they will see a big change.

Elizabeth hill transformation.

Her after photo.
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