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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ann's comment about Sudhir being handsome like a Movie Star reminded me of an incident we had on a Delta Flight to India.On our way back to India we boarded our return Flight at Atlanta---and the Stewardess received us warmly before doing a double take as soon as she saw Sudhir. She then escorted him to his Seat and as he seated himself,inquired very coyly with great warmth if he was an Indian Movie Star!!!I was enjoying the amusing interaction---because Sudhir was blushing furiously---turning purple with embarassment------the lady was gushing that he reminded her of Humphrey Bogart and continued giving him extra attention for the entire duration of the Flight!!To me it merely reiterated a point--that I had a very handsome husband--who himself had a very negative opinion about his own appearance!!
In India being fair complexioned means being beautiful---and since I inherited my maternal Grandma's milk white skin, people would exclaim over my skin tone.Till I put on weight I had a big nose which would get sidelined just because I was fair.The worst thing was when Sudhir himself would ask me as how I married him--seeing that I was so fair and he so dark!!He always referred to us together as "Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce"!!I am not fishing for Compliments when I say this but honestly between the two of us he had a much better facial Bone structure--and that's why he aged so well!!Like old Wine he matured into a very striking individual who somehow never really realised just how elegant and charismatic he actually was!!He exuded a persona that was witty,charming and so very well dressed--without prejudice he was one of the more impeccably dressed Lawyers in the High Court!!

Outside the Courts
He was very particular about the Whiteness of his Shirts--and mostly wore double cuffed Dress Shirts with a winged collar to Court.His White Shirts and Bands contrasted dramatically with his Coal Black Coat---which was the deepest Black I've ever seen--buying all these at Brooks Brother or Menswear Shops in New York and Los Angeles.A friend of his once asked him in Court whether he rubbed a Charcoal Stick over his Coat to maintain the colour!!!People say that it is Women who take time to make up their minds--they should have been sent out with Sudhir---shopping for his Coats,Shirts and Pants was very tiring and time consuming!!Besides he had very definite views about what really looked good on him--maybe that's why he never let me buy him anything---whatever I bought was either too dull or too loud--never exactly what he wanted!!
He belonged to a family that really loved Clothes--all of us are possessed of overflowing Closets!!When we got married in 1970, despite the hot,humid,sweltering Bombay Weather both he and his brother Milind loved wearing 3 piece Suits!!They'd leave the house dressed thus everyday for the Court--and change into their Black Coats and Gowns in the Office just before leaving for Court.The Weather did not deter him from wearing every conceivable Fabric for his Suits---there are many days I've spent bored out of my mind at Rao's--his Tailor's shop while he discussed the various Styles and Cuts as well as the various qualities of the Canvas used in those Coats---me and later both the Girls learnt to treat his Coats with respect--almost as if they were human--for if the canvas got crushed the fall and line of the Coat would be damaged!!So we crushed ourselves but made space for the Coats flung over the Seats---we'd all three iron out--but they wouldn't!!
If I was to sum him up I'd say that he was a very finicky dresser---who really planned the Outfits he wore meticulously and the care he took, showed!!He loved dressing up--and while I've given away his Shirts,Pants and Ties I still have a large Collection of his Coats----ranging from Tweeds to Linen----which I can't find in my heart to just give away.Sometimes I bury my nose in these to catch his scent--which unfortunately is fast fading away!!
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    Impressive. He totally looks like a movie star. What sort of cases did he work on? I would bury my face in the jackets now and then too. There is nothing better than a sharp dressed man
    2065 days ago
  • BOVEY63
    What a wonderful story about the airplane ride!
    After my grandmother passed away I had a relative make teddy bears out of two of her coats - these were then given to all the great-grandchildren. Not only are they a reminder of her but also an item hand-crafted by a loved one. I dressed my sons' bears in the outfits they wore in their first professional photos (when they were about 4 months). There was enough fabric to make one for my brother (who doesn't have children) and one for my mom.
    2066 days ago
    My Dad bought my Mom Evening in Paris in the late 1940's I remember when she had it tucked away in her closet,( there were 6 of us kids so she probably hid it so we would not get into it.) So in the 1950's I found it in the closet & it was in a heart shaped box with a blue tassel. I would open the powder & perfume & open it & very carefully & smell it. I will be 62 this year & when I got married 28 years ago Mom gave me the blue bottle that was in the set it still had half a bottle of powder in & still does. Every once in awhile I open it up to smell & I see myself sitting in the closet smelling Mom's perfume. Thank you fro sharing your love stories of you & your beloved husband.
    2066 days ago
    Sudhir was indeed a very handsome man. I like Ann am very very pale,it comes with the red hair .I have spent my life being treated to comments about my skin and hair colour.I like what my husband tells people that say how white I am best he says I was the inspiration for Procol Harum's song "A Whiter Shade of Pale" !
    2067 days ago
  • SAASHA17
    Sudhir is handsome:) I know how funny it is in India about the fairness...lol...My mom was really adamant about finding a darker complexion husband just to spite my grandma..lol...and I used to fight with the kids who commented about my dad's skin tone...idiots...lol....

    2067 days ago
  • BANAN2
    Even though in our country there is still preferential treatment given to Caucasians by some, I have still run into criticism for my pallor! Before people got wise about skin cancer, i have had complete strangers coax me to get out of the shade because I needed a little color! I also relate about the smells. I tried smelling Chanel no. 5, my mom's perfume, and it did nothing for me, Maybe it was the way it smelled on her that i would have recognized. But the original Jergens hand lotion always brings her younger self back to me, standing at the kitchen sink and softening her hands after doing dishes or washing up after cooking. I picture her at the house we lived in from my age of 5 until 11, never anywhere else. I think as we got older, she switched brands.
    2067 days ago
    Sudhir was indeed a handsome man and I see the analogy with Bogart. It is too bad people are made to feel bad about the color of their skin. There is great beauty in all ranges of skin color from the darkest to lightest.

    When I was young I asked a Hindu friend of mine why Krishna was portrayed as blue. I was told that his skin was so dark, it was almost purple. I don't know if that is true or not, but I love that color skin that is like an eggplant; so dark and rich.

    I understand about scents! I kept two of my father's jackets; not because I could use them for anything but bury my nose in them and breathe his presence. They still have a little aroma of Dad.
    2067 days ago
    A very stylish man!

    When you mention scents, I smile in companionship. I still have a bottle of my mother's perfume from 14 years ago. Once in a while I open the box and take a whiff. It's not produced anymore so I have a relic from the past that may not last.When I smell it now I usually smile and have less tears.

    Dad wore nothing but his deodorant. I can't go about smelling that! He was addicted to pepermint Life Savers...I always keep some around.
    2067 days ago
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