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Ooh that makes me mad!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Right now I am just going to blow off a little steam.

Last week, I called the Endocrinologists office. I asked if we could do a blood test for
INSULIN RESISTANCE. I received some blood work back. It was a Basic Metabolic Panel. They test Glucose, Potassium, Sodium, etc. I thought I was waiting for the insulin test to come back but today I find out that the doctor DIDN'T order an insulin resistance test.


I am the office today but I think this is ridiculous. I understand that doctors are busy but I called last week to ask for an IR test and it could have been completed with the Basic Metabolic Panel.

I know that the Medical Assistant said he was doing multiple but other tests but she said that was in addition to the IR test.

I know it doesn't seem like that big of a deal but this could have saved a trip and it also could have saved some time.

One of my biggest pet peeves in when someone does not use their listening skills.


Today is still a really good day and it was peaceful for the most part but I wasn't expecting this. My friend always says expect the unexpected. Boy, is he right about that!

UPDATE: I called the Endocrinologists office and guess what? He did put the orders in. The lab missed the order. I remember the woman in the lab having a little bit of a difficult time reading the orders. The phlebotomists had to help her out. I can't place the entire blame on her because I could have spoke up and told her to call the doctor's office to clarify the orders. Of course, you would think that she would already know that.

I have to go back in and get the test redone. I am waiting for the doctor's office to call me back.


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    How very frustrating..
    2011 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    good greif
    2011 days ago
  • SYZYGY922
    Oh that's so frustrating! When I had my test I had to fast, but then the doctor told me to eat something sugary and come back and get more blood drawn. I think that was to see how well I was metabolizing sugar. Anyway, I hope you get some answers soon!
    2011 days ago
    I know this doesn't help, but remember that people are human and make mistakes. When that mistake directly affects us and causes us problems it is very frustrating and we want to think how stupid, ignorant, incompetent, or worthless (my words, not yours) they are. Sometimes we have to stop ourselves from getting upset and remember that humans make mistakes and wouldn't we want some slack if we were in their place? We probably wouldn't get it, just like they probably don't.

    What can be learned from this? Ask the doctor what s/he's ordering, write it down or get a copy of the orders, verify them when the blood is taken, and if questions arise you'll know what was ordered and make sure they have enough blood to do it all at once. When you're getting a lot of tests at once, this will help. If it's just 1-2, you may remember what was ordered. In example, with several of my doctors they submit the orders through a computer system while I'm sitting next to them. Once they enter them I verify what was entered and if I don't agree I ask questions. Since I started going to doctors who use computers instead of paperwork the incidence of wrong/missed tests or delays due to questions has been pretty much corrected.

    It's also a good idea for you to get copies of the results for you to look at. If you don't know what a test means, you can look it up online. My Endo completely missed that I had iron toxicity and if I hadn't looked at the results, brought it up to him, and put my foot down when he tried to blow it off it wouldn't have taken much longer before I had full blown iron poisoning.
    2011 days ago
    Oh, I know just what you mean. I hate it too when wires get crossed! Well, at least they got straightened out! I'm hoping you get good news! Let's hope that there aren't any more crossing of wires! emoticon emoticon
    2011 days ago
    Oh that is not good, sorry to hear it happened to you!
    2011 days ago
    Hate when things like that happen, I went to the doctors last week, The doctor i usually see is on vacation, so i saw an infill, and they are usually half deaf and more concern on getting paid by the patient than the patient it self. Hope all turns out for you this time round.
    2011 days ago
    That would make me mad too! I hate being disregarded and then having another errand to do as well. Good for you for shaking if off though and enjoying what's left of your day. emoticon
    2011 days ago
    I completely understand - anything that wastes your precious time is frustrating. Not to mention nerve-wracking enough to go to the doctor's office once, nevermind twice!
    Love how you were able to turn the experience around though.
    2011 days ago
    I'm 30 and I've had blood work done once in my life and that was just about 2 months ago! I hate needles!! I'd be really upset if I had to go back and get it redone also!!
    2011 days ago
    Oh, I know just what you mean, doggone it. Uggggh! I don't know if this will help ally your frustration, but I wonder if sometimes things happened for a reason. Maybe there's something you forgot to mention to the doc and now you have another opportunity, or the doctor's office has made similar boo-boos and this was a wake-up call to get their act together, or maybe that few extra minutes got you through a traffic light that someone else ran. (I was once delayed on the road a few seconds for a very odd reason. As I looked ahead, a guy ran a light right in front of me.) So we just never know. Hang in there Spark Friend. emoticon I have the same pet peeve about listening skills - just ask my hubby! emoticon
    2011 days ago
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