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Bug Eating Grin...

Monday, October 22, 2012

Just got in from a ride. It started off as an 8 mile round trip commute to get my meds refilled. Coming out of the drug store, the rarity of an 81 degree, partly cloudy, late October day (on a day I'm off, no less) hit me right betwixt the eyeballs and before I could say, "but wait, I haven't had breakfast, yet", I was 10 miles from home with legs that were going all wobbly. Only 1 thing to do: go get a 5 way at Skyline or Gold Star. So I called my sweetie, he and told her my plan. She changed them by saying if I could make it to her house (less than a mile from a magical spot that has a Skyline right next door to a Gold Star), she would treat me to a chicken and SPINACH burrito. So, I get to her place, she drives to the mexican place, I'm in heaven, then we go back to her place where I sit on the couch, annoy her cats, and generally enjoy one hell of a wonderfully relaxing afternoon.

I finally got off my duff and rode home. On the way home, I hit a rip in the space time continuum and the 15 mile ride to her place became a 20 mile ride home. It's amazing what happens on perfect days. Amazing.

Anyway, I now find myself in my favorite chair, a frosty beverage by my side, and teeth covered with bugs...the result of my inability to not smile when I was on the bike. Life is good.
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