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To HELL and back again.

Monday, October 22, 2012

It had been a really bad week with our beloved pets being put down and my dil leaving to spend a few months with her family, taking Axel with her and us not knowing if she will have the energy to return etc. That being said, dh offered to take me on a drive to cheer me up. Now, this is USUALLY one of my FAVORITE things to do. But it didnt end up doing that for me this time. Let me explain....from the beginning.

It was misty on our side of the mountain, as it usually is which doesn't mean bad weather. The opposite side of the mountain is always bright and sunny as it heads inland to the Karoo.
This is our side.

This is literally as you clear the top of the mountain pass and start heading down inland.
You can almost always see the dividing line in the sky.

On the other side, its almost always bright and sunny. The mist clings to the mountains which is what keeps our side so beautiful and green all year round.

We took Bronson with us (didn't have Jewel yet-can't wait to take her into the mountains with us) and can you believe that while we were driving, Bronson crawled through that tiny gap in the cab window to be inside with us. I so wanted a photo, but he was too close to me to actually photograph it. Crazy dog!

We stopped to give Bronson a toilet break and it was right next to a beautiful little tree.

We drove deep down into the mountains, heading for a place called THE HELL emoticon

This is the explanation for why its called The Hell.
"It isn’t difficult to understand why this part of the world is called ‘the Hell’, even if the origin of this pseudonym is unclear. The pass is a series of single lane, untarred STEEP zig-zags and SUDDEN swing-backs that leave one breathless at both the scenery and the sheer dexterity of the masterpiece that is this pass."

Despite its name, its very beautiful.

We stopped at a place called Willow walk, named that because of all the beautiful Weeping Willow trees all the way along the river bank.

I took off my shoes, strapped on my hiking boots and joined Justin and Bronson as we walked down to a stream.

Bronson loved playing in the long grass on the river bank.

But not as keen to get his baby feet wet in the icy water.

He so badly wanted to, but in the end couldn't face it.

Possibly the water that ran over the weir just made too much noise for him on his first outing without the older dogs to lead him. Despite how pretty it looked, and how beautiful the running water sound was too me, for Bronson it was a monster in disguise. emoticon His puppy heart is still so young.

Despite his insecurity around water, he showed no fear HIGH UP on the mountain top with Justin. I remained at the fist level and zoomed in on them. I just didn't have the energy this day to scamper to the top with them. Actually I was trying desperately to shake off the blues, as you know there has just been too much sadness around my life lately.

This is the view they were looking down at. Mind bogglingly awesome!

Justin hunted down a little waterfall so we could have fresh water for the rest of the trip.

Others wanted the running water also, and echoing through the mountains was the sound of a troop of baboons barking. This is the sound they make...... www.youtube.com/watch?v=

This troop sounded large and the mountains rang with the sound of their barking, I guess they did NOT like the scent of Bronson invading their space.
We got in the car immediately....us and one puppy are no match for one baboon, let alone a troop. We didn't get to see the rest, but this BIG male showed himself to us briefly before going into hiding.

The flowers called fynbos (pronounced fain boss) are always spectacular in color. All year round, the blossom on the mountains and keep the baboons and other creatures well fed. The require very little water which makes them ideal for mountain existence.

Our next stop was at another little water oasis in the craggy mountains.

From here on we should have traveled another couple miles through the imposing mountains on an UN-BE-LIEVABLY bumpy dirt road. I cant recall when last I've been so shaken up. I think I have finally located my liver, gall bladder and pancreas, but my appendix is possible still out there somewhere....I think THIS is why its called The Hell...its hell on your vehicle and body.

The road shook me up so badly and seemed to reek havoc with my emotions...I say this with lots of ???? behind my statement...I actually ended up in floods of tears. Tears for my pets I put down, tears for my dil's terminal cancer, tears for my son who will have to raise a son alone, tears for missing Axel while hes away.
Can having your body shaken up do this to you? Or was I going to break down anyway?

I ended up with such a headache and all I could find in our vehicle was something called Betapain. I don't even know who they belonged to, not Justin or mine, possibly one of their staff members?? I'm not much of a medicine person, and other than Aspirin for my headaches (way back when I got them) I rarely take anything. Well, this betapain promptly knocked me clean out and dh had to "enjoy" the entire 2.5hr trip home alone while I slept and slept and slept. Oh dear.
A lesson learned, don't just take pills if you don't know how they affect you.
We got home as it was getting dark, I got woken, crawled out the vehicle, into the bath and into bed. I slept right through the night and woke up feeling like a new person.

I do plan to have other trips into the mountains, but I think I'll give THE HELL a miss. emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I love the pictures. I think from your recent rough days, you needed to get in a good cry, and the sleep.
    2023 days ago
  • MAMADEE016
    emoticon for sharing these wonderful tales of life in your part of the world! I always look forward to them, even if I don't always have time to respond. :)
    2023 days ago
    Hubby never understood why I started wanting to see Africa. It was from all your beautiful pics. Now he's see "The Hell" he wants to go too. (With the motorcycle of course.)

    I'm sorry for all the pain you've been through. I also think you were going to break down anyway and that's probably a good part of why those pills knocked you out. You probably just needed the release and it left you exhausted.

    *hugs* to you. I hope things look brighter soon.
    2031 days ago
    emoticon It was an ABSOLUTELY Beautiful Trip -- Except the Baboon Part!! -- and maybe the jarring of the road was God's way of helping you let go of your Emotions and have a good Cry?
    emoticon emoticon You and your Family (including the Fur Kids!) are in my Prayers!!
    2036 days ago
    You need lots of HUGS. It will get better Celeste but when it feels lousy - it's okay to feel lousy because it helps with the healing. Loving deeply can leave us with deep sadness at times. I'll take sadness if giving it up means I won't have deep love.
    2038 days ago
    looks like a fantastic day trip. i just hope that you feel better after crying out some of those feelings. emoticon
    2038 days ago
  • SHAZG321
    emoticon emoticon
    2039 days ago
  • SHAZG321
    emoticon emoticon
    2039 days ago
  • SHAZG321
    emoticon emoticon
    2039 days ago
  • SHAZG321
    emoticon emoticon
    2039 days ago
    awesome photos

    sorry you broke down but glad you did --get me ? You needed it and it was the right time.. ((hugs My Friend))
    you have a lot on your plate .. glad you got a good sleep --- but with the wrong meds(lol)

    glad it just knocked you out ... Temporarily

    2039 days ago
    It looks like a beautiful trip and i love the pictures.

    I so understand where you are right now. I still have to face the demons of emotions and honestly, there's no set time or right time...to stop shedding those emotions. They have to come out and I've had to walk away from my boss to go in the bathroom to cry on a few occasions.(then he feels guilty...lol)

    For my husband and I, our fur babies are our kids. We call them that. I rote about my loss on my blog...it's called what's eating you. I've gained 25 pounds since the start of the year just dealing with loss and grief...and just so much. I just wait for something else to happen.

    My little girl, she's 8 months old is going to have that surgery Thursday and I'm terrified.

    I used to be one that loved storms, used to love to listen to the rolling thunder...but after Poncho passed...not anymore. It sets my nerves on end and I get very agitated.

    Life sure has it's curve balls....but you find solice in friends and places such as these to share and not get judgement...or get told it's just a dog...or it's just a horse.

    I'm hear for you...anytime. What is it they say...misery loves company...sometimes it's not that misery loves company...it's just that someone that has had the same experience....can share a shoulder and an ear (or in our case and eye....) and understand how you feel.

    2039 days ago
    I am glad you were able to cry and get some of those emotions out. Sometimes, they need to be jostled out of us.

    2039 days ago
  • CHERYLL1949
    I love your blog and especially your pictures. Sorry for your lost. emoticon
    2039 days ago
  • SHEILA1505
    2039 days ago
    Love your pictures, Celest!

    I'm missin Axel's pictures & him as well.

    Hope you feel better soon.
    2039 days ago
    It was beautiful, thanks for taking us along. The shaking could have just released all the built up sorrow so you could have a good cry. Tears are healing to a degree. emoticon emoticon
    2039 days ago
    That looks lovely! Wish I could see it in person.
    2039 days ago
    Oh dear Celeste.
    I am so sorry for all that you are going through....I am sooo glad that you feel better today!
    What a week you have had...thinking of you my friend!
    2039 days ago
    WHERE are you? I am guessing Tanzania? Please post more pics! I enjoyed your blog so much! Glad your headache is gone too!
    2039 days ago
  • LAC936
    Magnificent photos; thanks for sharing. Sorry for the loss of your pets.
    2039 days ago
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