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A Pretty Good Day...

Monday, October 22, 2012

I know Iknow... I'm slipping! LOL

It's been difficult finding the time for a blog...

Brian has had another new development... he's been offered a different job, just sales and not management, IN TEXAS, by a company that is already established there--and no flakes involved! YAY! Not only is it actually in WRITING, it's got a better pay schedule as well than what this last one offered him. And Brian is also MUCH better at closing a sale than he is at running an office... LOL If he WANTS that management job, they actually have a training program for that!... the way I see it, he'll win all the way around--and be out from under the influence of these so-called "business friends"... friends like that, who needs them?? I say good riddance! LOL

I'm glad I've got my friends here on SP... SO much more positive and supportive and honest!

The nice thing too, he actually has a written contract in his hands that includes benefits, and will get medical insurance starting in about 5 days-- He hasn't had any medical coverage in probably 15 years, and we think he has a hernia now, so it's good that he can get it checked out even before he leaves. A relief, that. He may not be "my man" any more, but I want to see him healthy and happy where ever he ends up...

Now all he has to do is get down there by Novemeber 12th. I can't wait! LOL

It's been a bit of a strain, thinking he'll be gone and then having it cancelled at the last minute--and not just once! LOL

I got really sleepy after breakfast and meds this morning. Normally I get a little drowsy about an hour afterward, and then I'm fine. Today, I simply could NOT keep my eyes open--so I went back to bed... and slept for FOUR HOURS, through two alarms. Poor kitties, they all had to wait for their breakfast until I could get myself up and dressed the second time! emoticon And I woke up tired and still nauseous. So far I've managed to avoid extra meds, but it's going to be an interesting challenge to stay on track today...

I guess all the stress of the last few months has finally caught up to me, since I'm starting to think I have some kind of virus or something... my Blood Glucose Levels are running kind of high, I've been nauseous off and on for days... even the smell of bacon makes me sick to my stomach and I LOVE that smell!... it wasn't me cooking it, and I was holding my nose in the other room...yuck. lol

...I'm ALMOST afraid to try my cardio/physical therapy workout today... though it's mostly "floor work", it still takes quite a bit of energy.

On a bright note... I gained two pounds. Yes, gained, but I'm not totally upset about that... because a) getting upset doesn't help matters, and b) I don't think it's FAT I've gained, and c) I've lost a WHOLE INCH off my waist, plus shaving a quarter inch off my thighs and arms... though to be fair, my calves and ankles are a bit swollen. I think it's because there has been an UNfair amount of sodium in my diet lately... drat! LOL

My hope is that the two pounds is muscle and not water retention... emoticon

At any rate, I do feel a bit better than I did earlier today. So I'll just take things slow and easy, one step at a time... and see what happens.

Oh, I almost forgot...

Because of the home situation, and still covering an extra person's power usage etc, plus the extra expense involved in the van tabs fiasco... I've put off my "mini-make-over" until at least next month... and I'm hoping I'll be able to actual send a snapshot over the net, since I FINALLY found the port cable for my digital camera! YAY again! LOL

Taken all together, so far it's a pretty good day!...

Be well!
Kathy emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Congrats on that loss of 1". I am jealous, could use that. Ok, I am a perimonopausal monster and retaining water currently.....

    Let me continue drinking wimbi porridge to loose that extra water an then measure, maybe I have lost something as well.

    You are doing great and if things work out for Brian finaly and he gets a life of his own, then you should also have a burden off your shoulder and be able to concentrate more on yourself.

    2063 days ago
    It will be odd to see Brian actually leave. I got used to you talking about him.

    I certainly hope you feel better soon. And I hope you get to have your mini make-over.
    2063 days ago
    Hope you are feeling bettter soon Kathy, as you said it could all be related to stress. Looks like it is all going to finally work out with Brian, good luck to him. Keep us posted. Take care of yourself
    2064 days ago
    Feel better soon thanks for the update
    2064 days ago
    Hope you get to feeling better. There are SOOOOOOO many people down with the flu or a cold . . . ridiculous! Take care. Glad you have posi=tive things happening.
    2065 days ago
    the lady mary posseing through
    2065 days ago
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