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End of the Year Challenge: The Beautiful Bombshell is BACK! Week 1 - pics

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hey guys... I hope you are all doing well :)

This has been an amazing weekend for me. I worked a 24 hour shift on Friday, so I didn't get off until 9 am on Saturday. I slept 3.5 hours and got up and started to get ready... Unlike the other weekends, I actually had PLANS this weekend and I wanted to have some fun. So I went to a football game, some tailgates, and later a party. We all looked great! I didn't get home until SIX AM the next day!

I'm the second from the left... (I'm standing in the middle kind of and wearing black) but you guys SHOULD know what I look like by now! lol
So anyway, Can you say NO SLEEP!?

Then I slept for 4 hours and had to get up and get ready for the fair that I went to today. I am exhausted yall, but every other weekend I'm home wishing I had something to do. So, I sucked it up and decided that it was worth a little sleepiness.

I am ready to make the rest of the year count and I REALLY want to see some progress before I see the year 2013.

A Few pictures from the fair... On the TILT-O-WHIRL screaming my head off.

My goals for this week =
1. Sleep 7 hours or MORE a night
2. Pick a WAKE UP time and stick to it this entire week. ( I am bad at snoozing for some reason lately. I think it is due to the 80 hour work weeks and typical exhaustion.)
3. Workout 20-30 mins a day at Moderate/HIGH intensity for the next week
4. Drink at least 64 ounces a day.
5. Write down everything I eat ( Don't have to change the foods I eat... I just have to write it)

Upcoming goals= Plan meals and stick to the plan
Aim to stay within the calorie limits
Make a plan for my workout routines and change it every 6-8 weeks (for example. M/W/F =run. Tues= dance, Sat = strength. Or whatever!)

Ultimate goal of this year- Enter 2012 in the low 150s.
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