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Better Than the Basics

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Today I discovered I am 2.2 pounds heavier than last Sunday. Nothing to be happy about, however I've already told myself I'm not going to lose every week. This will be gradual. This week is all about going back to basics.

For starters I'm doing week 1 of my strength training programs this week. However I'm going to start in Column 3 of all my charts. It's the more vigorous exercise plans in the week 1 grid. That's right, I made it into column 3 for my push up plans, when I started my training my test put me in column 1.

*Edit Note while writing*
I was gonna skip the Sit Up and Squat exhaustion tests and just assume I'm in the third column. However while writing this I decided to do those tests too. I did 23 squats which puts me into column 3 for week 1, that's a one column improvement from when I started that first time. I also did the Crunches and I did about 35 of those. I could have done more, but I knew I had already surpassed the test anyway and I hadn't even taken a second long break. They suggest I skip weeks 1 and 2 and move onto column 2 or 3 in week 3. So now I'm in week three for the crunches. I think that's near where I left off before. I really don't have a problem with crunches.

After the workout I felt much better!

This morning my grandfather just decided to say "I had some of that hummus last night, no one eats it anymore?" Upon both me and my grandmother explaining that we just made it last night he said "I know, but you made it early last night, little Hal (yes, I'm still called little Hal) doesn't eat it anymore, it's gonna go bad if he doesn't eat it" Given this was sitting in the fridge a little under 20 hours. My grandmother says "You don't have to eat something immediately after you make it" he then goes crazy and accuses us of calling him fat, and then says "fine I won't eat it ever again, I'll just let it sit their and rot", now he has a history of just eating things because they're sitting their in the house, and then blames it on the fact that it went left uneaten, this includes whole bags of candy, potato chips, he's a late night snacker that wants to justify it by saying no one else was going to eat it. A few minutes later my pumpkin muffins I fixed today were almost ready, he hates pumpkin, but being the unapologetic smart ass I am when spoken to rudely I said "but don't worry, they won't spoil and rot over night" even his wife cracked up. He then tries to back track and claims that he never said we should eat things as soon as we make them, but insists that we called him fat and never wants to hear about this conversation again. That we misunderstood him, but he never misunderstands us apparently. But he never wants it brought up again apparently, the rats leave the sinking ship first. I'll make sure to keep it in my artillery that and the story about how he had a temper tantrum because when my grandmother served him his dinner about 8 years ago by his chair in front of the television, the fork was on the wrong side of the plate. How dare he have to eat so improperly in front of the TV. #reasonswhyIwantajob

This week our challenge is to eat smaller meals more frequently. Personally I know I have an open enough schedule to do this, however I don't think it makes that much difference. From the story above you can see that leftovers are not an option in my house, so I either eat raw all week, or prepackaged quick meals. I think at best I'll do 5 meals under 400 calories, and by "meal" some of them will be an apple, or a few popcorn chips from Special K. Dinner will have to be the same size (but I usually keep it at 400 unless it's a special day) I try and eat every 4 hours, but I may try every 2 hours, I just don't like the idea of my taste buds wanting more every time I put something in my mouth. I try and cap off a meal with fruit to get that sweet craving settled. The idea of "meals" will be missed this week :-(

We're also taking a multi vitamin. I always had a hard time swallowing pills as a kid. So I take chewable gummies now. So if anyone else has a hard time with this like I do, that is another route you can take. But just take a serving size a day!!! I mean it!!!

Finally we are to either use a pedometer, or fitness minutes Monday - Wednesday, average that, and beat it each day Thursday - Saturday. I would rather beat it by 33% more total :-P ButI guess extra walks will have to happen this week. Monday and Wednesday are my hour long 10 trainings. So thats 40 minutes of walking I'll have to add on strength training days on Thursday and Saturday. :-/ If my grandmother wants to go to the store on Wednesday she's going to sadly have to sit on that thought for 24 more hours.

5k next week! ohboyohboyohboyohboyohboyohboy
ohboy! I'll be saddened if I don't beat 40 minutes.

Other than that, let's try and lose this week instead of gain :-P
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  • *MAMA*2*BOYS*
    Ooh, I am so excited to learn how you do on your 5K!! My goal: finish, LOL. I should really look into your squat/pushup/crunches training. I have been very gradually upping my push-ups and crunches, but I did squats last week for the full body strength training, and let me tell you what... those suckers are HARD! I wanted to die after doing 2 sets of 10.

    And like Sonia, I would totally OD on gummy vitamins... which is too bad because mine are nasty.

    Love your grandparents and the fact that they call you Little Hal!
    2041 days ago
    Your excitement about the 5k makes me smile!!!! That is all. :-)
    2041 days ago
    Knock off that sweet tea!! WATER or use splenda in regular tea. Food choices make a huge difference. There are a lot of things that you can eat this week for variety: hummus (ha!), hard boiled egg, peanut butter, fish, chicken (3 oz portion), veggies and fruit, Kashi makes a great protein bar that has chocolate on it. It is awesome!! Kashi Crunchy Chocolate Pretzel Bar. Low fat and I think 6 or 7 gr of protein and maybe 150 calories. When Grandma goes shopping, you need to be checking stuff out too!
    2042 days ago
    Don't worry, I gained, too. It happens to us all. I must say your grandfather is interesting, though.
    2042 days ago
  • SONIA260
    hahahaha....your life entertains me so! I could never do the gummies...cause I would totally overdose! oh...and sorry about the gain.... I'll try to remember you on Saturday....
    2042 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/21/2012 6:01:03 PM
    2042 days ago
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