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Sunday, October 21, 2012

I had a binge early this morning. I am noticing more and more that, rather than an "emotional eater," I am a "physical eater." When I don't feel well physically, I tend to soothe myself with food. Over the past few years I've suffered fibromyalsia-type symptoms due to bad sleep, and the more I hurt, the more I ate. Lots of people probably have the the same associations... how many times did our parents cook something special for us when we were ill, or give us a frozen treat to soothe a sore throat? Unfortunately, my "treat" today was tied into compulsive eating habits, so I went over my calorie range by quite a bit.

I need to learn how to deal with this. Luckily, the physical pain was temporary (it was due to pain related to a medical procedure which is over now).. but next time, I want to try to do better. I want to recognize what is going on before it happens. I want to try to take a nap to feel better, or take a hot bath, or have a talk with a friend, or something else -- anything but stuffing my face with food.

I know I can't change what happened..and I won't feel guilty; I will learn from it. I realize now more than ever that my good sleep habits, meditation, stretching, and exercise are preventative measures for me -- by doing all of these things, I keep myself feeling physically well (minimal muscle pain, low stress), and the urge to binge is suppressed. I may never be able to eliminate my binge eating habits, but I can certainly minimize them. I can do my best to set myself up for success by sticking to my heathy habits, and by taking things as they come and realizing when I will be tempted and preparing for it. I forgive myself for a momentary regression into old habits -- my mind was dealing with the pain in the best way it knew how... but, in the future, I aim to do better.

Anyway, one meal of overeating will NOT undo all of the hard work I've put into the past 2 weeks. I will just pick up where I left off.
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  • OPTIMIST1948
    The more you know about yourself the more likely you are to recognize patterns before they become problems.
    2034 days ago
    Way to go for using the experience to learn something about yourself! And like you said, one meal does not make for a disaster. It's "interesting" how we pick something that isn't healthy (overeating) to make ourselves feel better, isn't it?

    We have learned some unhealthy behaviors as a means of coping, but we can continue to recognize what's going on and learn to make other choices.

    Congrats for your discoveries and for moving forward.
    2036 days ago
  • KIPPER15
    You took the great attitude of this is done and I can't undo it. You are doing great. emoticon
    2037 days ago
    Oh yes I am a ''physical eater'' too. When I am makes me feel better. No doubt. Proud of you for moving forward!!
    2038 days ago
    I'm an emotional & physical eater too. I've never be the one to "lose their appetite" when they're sick...great recognition of your downfalls as that only makes us stronger. keep at it girl!
    2038 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    2039 days ago
    You inspire me. I'm so glad to have you as a friend. And as for your binge, way to go on picking yourself back up afterwards.
    2039 days ago
    I have found out lately that I am a 'physical eater' as well (only I didn't know quite what to call it yet) so thank you for helping me put a 'name' to my issue.

    I have to agree with what others have said... you are an inspiration. You know how to pick yourself right back up and be realistic even after a bad morning or weekend or day. You are always very honest and I admire that immensely.

    Thank you for being you, no matter what.

    2039 days ago
    This is what I like about you. You are smart enough to know what you did and what you need to do to fix it. That is a very hard thing to do. It happened you are not dwelling on it and making adjustments to do better. I guess you are human.
    We are always going to have a hard time with binge eating. There are going to be days where we go over our calorie count. It happens.

    2039 days ago
    I SO understand what you went thru! I am both an emotional and physical eater! Sucks.. I know... but glad you got thru it with a great attitude!
    2039 days ago
    It is soooo easy to kick ourselves when we are down, but your positive attitude about a flub is really great as it gets you right back on track. Kudos to you. oh... and by the way.. I have noticed that when I have that occasional overindulgence that it seems to "kick start" my metabolism and within 5 days or so I actually weigh less than before the binge. Sending positive thoughts your way!
    2039 days ago
    That's the winning attitude. I think we all have binge moments, just on different levels. Since I live with my aunt who wants to lose weight by doing nothing, we have all kinds of healthy foods in the house and very little BAD FOR YOU foods. So when I went foraging last night - this is what I call my hunt for sugar in the middle of the night - I got some black grapes and ate like 3 handfulls. Now, I know my stomach will probably hate me all day for it. But at least it wasn't a pint of ice cream or macaroni and cheese or something else that I would have felt really badly about today.

    We do keep ice cream in the house and I ate the last half cup of that too! It was really good and I havebeen doing good at keeping my portions to .75 cups or .5 cups. But mostly the .75 cups. emoticon So none of us are perfect!
    2039 days ago
  • _BABE_
    Look at that meal as a reset are fooling with your metabolism so it doesn't get used to the same calorie load...yah thats it...a reset meal. emoticon
    2039 days ago
    It happened to me on Friday. I've also read a few other Spark friends' blogs that have binged this weekend, too. I got right back on track yesterday, and got over the guilt and shame. Wishing you the best, we're strong Sparkers!
    2039 days ago
  • _KATHY
    Yep, that happens to me as well. For the same reasons. That was then, this is now. Enjoy the rest of your day :)
    2039 days ago
    We all feel better when eating, but miserable after over-eating. The urge to binge WILL pass if you can just let it go for about 20 minutes. Personally I drink coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. I know there are some here on Spark who tsk tsk about caffeine, but it has zero calories so I'll take it.
    2040 days ago
    Hi, Val. I understand only too well what you mean about eating to feel better. Like you, I have the same tendency to fall back on comfort food whenever I'm feeling bad. The brain understands the logic of good sleep and exercise equaling fewer sick days, but that old reptile stomach wants something sweet, and creamy, and substantial. That's really hard when you've eliminated most fat and sugar from your diet. It sounds like you've wrestled those bad habits to the ground, though, and come up the winner. You're my inspiration!

    I've had a rough ( diarrhea ) weekend so far, and I've tried fooling my reptile self with extra-crispy rye toast with a little Polaner cherry fruit spread, and extra cinnamon. Hope it works, and I hope today works for you!

    2040 days ago
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