3 Week Metabolic Showdown (aka The Numbers Game)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Helwo Sparkfriends

This blog is to announce that I am officially waging war on my metabolism. I enjoyed the NC state fair, some brewskies with my brother and sister-in-law + my wonderful hubsband. I didn't track but I enjoyed it. It was worth it, fo sho.

But now it's time to get down to brass tacks and prepare for the upcoming struggle. I know it's coming and this time I'm going to be smart about it. I'm hanging in the (lower) 250's which is always where I get comfortable, slack off, slowly quit my efforts, and creep back up to repeat the cycle again. This time, I refuse to fall victim to the false lull that is a loose pair of size 18's.

I like numbers for two reasons: you can't argue with them; certain numbers have the ability to be changed.

My life in numbers at present (with pumpkins... for obvious reasons!):

emoticon 32: Number of days until Thanksgiving/My first half marathon
emoticon 20: Number of days until I stand next to my best friend while he marries one of my other best friends
emoticon 19: Number of days I have left to find a dress for the wedding above. Brides/grooms-maids were able to pick their own dresses- I gambled online and lost. The one I ordered is hideous, I'm at square one. (Ooh another number!)
emoticon 21: Number of days in my metabolic challenge which starts tomorrow. More info on that below
emoticon 252: The number the scale has been telling me, give or take 2 lbs, for the last 2 weeks.
emoticon 295: My highest weight this year
emoticon 289: My weight in July when I decided I was doing this once and for all
emoticon 18 /1: My jean size/shirt size at Torrid
emoticon 199/14: My goal weight/size for my 25th birthday. This is a benchmark- I'm not losing it for an event or using shortcuts to get there quickly. If I'm consistent- this is feasible.

I follow a blogger by the name of Meredith, and her blog is called Swim-Bike-Mom. She's awesome and I love her style of writing. She has inspired me to take on the challenge/sport of Tri- but I want to get below 200 before I begin that part of that journey. This will give me time to get comfortable with fitness, research bikes and wetsuits, etc. It's going to happen on MY time. But I digress. Meredith has begun a 3 Week Metabolism Makeover, designed by a RD with her MS in Metabolism and some other stuff... what I'm getting is that her credentials are impressive. I forked out the $12 to get the plan, and decided this investment required that I would actually TRY the plan. It's frequent meals, whole foods- very sensible. Meredith (candid as always) has warned us that it's going to suck for a few days, but she's down 9 lbs in the first week (she lives in the low 2's right now).

This is not quick fix. This is a lifeline, a jumpstart. My first half is coming up in just over a month, and I CANNOT run any faster. My current comfortable mile pace (12:50-14:10) puts me coming in RIGHT under/at the time limit, down to the wire. I don't want this. I can't run any harder/faster- but I can do it better/stronger. I gotta drop some ell-bees. I've added strength training to the mix, and I'm going for it. If I can drop 10 lbs in a few weeks, it WILL increase my speed (it's physics- pure and simple- every pound equates to dropping 1-2 seconds off your time with the same amount of effort) and make me more comfortable in this skin... this increasingly looser, kinda-floppy skin. :) But that's for another blog.

There's the link the blog talking about her adventure with the plan. Check out her other blogs for a dose of encouragement and realism that'll leave you walking away smiling with some pep in your step. She's great, I love her (not in a creepy way, but in a "there goes my herrroooo" kinda way.)

Alrighty then. We shall see how it goes.

Official SW: 252

Look for a followup blog at the end of week one-10/28.

It's not about the number of the scale, but it is about the wonderment of crossing that finish line. If I can do it lighter, healthier, happier... then why not go for it.

Stay tuned! :)

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    Fantastic blog. I like your approach. Think that I'll use it! ^-^ Thank you so much.
    2011 days ago
    What a great attitude and if some of that comes from Meredith's blogs, then more power to you both! Good luck and emoticon because emoticon
    2012 days ago
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