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Off my trolley

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Well I go out for a walk today around central London, taking photos for you know what. If you don't know what, here's the link.
Sorry, just can't help myself.

Where were we?

First stop is a farmers' market. Don't these look yummy? I don't buy one, as I am going to be out and about all day and don't want to have to carry it. That could in fact be a new workout: pumpkin transportation, 351 calories/mile, seasonal exercise only, negated if you eat the pumpkin as soup with cream in.

I do buy six eggs which is brave really, what's more carry them around London for six hours and get them home safely. Funny thing there: I only have my handbag (which is on the capacious side, I can get my lunch and a pair of shoes into it and have often done so) with me so put the eggs in it. One of the places I stop is the Natural History museum in South Kensington, to take a photo and go into the museum shop.

This used to be a great place to buy presents for my niece, and they still have really nice stuff for kids, but niece is nearly 14 and I'm not sure she's that keen on plastic dinosaurs any more.

HOWEVER, getting back to the point, before going into the shop, I have my bag searched (this is routine and they do it to everyone, it's not that I look particularly shifty. Truly.) and the woman who searches my bag doesn't even turn a hair at a good quality handbag containing purse, mobile phone, comb, makeup and half a dozen organic freerange eggs.

I suppose it's one of those jobs, like being a doctor or a window cleaner. After six months, nothing surprises you any more.

Stop off on the way home for groceries and provide further evidence of creeping eccentricity by taking a photo of my trolley at the supermarket, just because I am so impressed with it.

Please admire it.

Yes, that is a doughnut you see, top right. One lonely little doughnut, 220 counted calories. The only other even possibly questionable item is the loaf of cholla bread, which is sweetish and I love it toasted for brekkie. Time was when for a Saturday evening on my own I would have had a large bag of crisps, some crackers and cheese, a BOGOF chocolate offer, a lemon cake, a couple of cans of pop and a bottle of cider. Oh and some hummus, to go with the crisps, as the healthy makeweight.

It's FABULOUS not to have to spend my money on that sort of junk any more.

And this morning I measured myself and I've lost 1cm from my waist and 5 whole centimetres, that is 2 inches, from my bottom.

Actually I would have known this without measuring. The trousers I'm wearing have fallen down twice today. No kidding.

Thank goodness I was at home both times it happened.
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