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Saturday, October 20, 2012

A little sodium, that is! I have an elderly friend whose caregiver daughter was out of town for a week, so another friend arranged for other friends to provide lunch and a visit to my friend Inez, as she can take care of herself for the most part, but just needs a bit of overseeing.

I was set for Friday, so I'd been preceded by the lunches of others for several days. As i checked in with my friend almost every day, Inez recounted the lunches others had shared. One came from our McAlister's Deli, another from Arby's, Kentucky Fried Chicken fixings came another time, and Japanese and pizza restaurants were visited as well. When we stopped in with our homecooked, healthy meal on Friday, my friend mentioned her feet had been swollen the night before.
Doesn't take much guesswork to figure out the cause here...it was the white stuff added abundantly to enhance the flavor of the restaurant foods! As part of our First Place 4 Health program a couple of weeks ago, we began looking at nutritional charts of local fast food places. The first we looked at was KFC, and I mentioned that their pot pie, tasty as it is, has 1970 mgs of sodium. Considering that healthy adults should LIMIT their daily intake to 2400 mgs, that doesn't leave much, and that was what her loving friend had brought for lunch!

I'm not being critical of the kindness of these friends; I appreciate it, and so did Inez. I'm just reminding my Spark-buds of the dangers of such mindless eating. A quick glance over the KFC chart showed several selections that can provide a healthy meal that is fairly low in fat, sodium and calories.

Those who eat out regularly really should be vigilant to not get excessive levels of sodium. Just takes a bit of time to do the math! (Of couse, making healthy meals at home most of the time is the best way to guarantee better-for-you eating!)
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  • -RUBIES-
    Interesting. I must say, I pay little attention to sodium. Typically I focus on the other nutrients, fiber, etc. Thanks for your intriguing blog.
    2525 days ago
    Thanks for the reminder. Since I live by myself I do eat out more than I used to. It seems like too much trouble sometimes to make a meal just for me so I'll grab something on the way home. I try to make healthier choices but probably need to be more diligent in checking things out. I'm sure Inez enjoyed the home cooked meal after so much fast food emoticon
    2526 days ago
    Poor Inez, I'm glad you can help out with those healthy meals!
    2526 days ago
    What a great reminder, and thank you very much! It is so easy to bring take-out to the elderly, without even thinking. Especially from a wonderful "home-cooked meal", restaurant that they all love sooo much. I eat there once in awhile for the veggie plate, but I'll bet the sodium levels are outrageous!

    Thanks for the reminder! Have a super Sunday!

    2527 days ago
    You make a good point. It is sad that we are at a place in our lives that we are too busy to cook. What a shame to provide a shut-in with fast food instead of something we made ourselves. I wonder what I would have made if called upon to cook for a neighbor. In the past I also provided fried chicken (from Publix) and a watermelon to a woman in my Sunday School with a hurt leg and her caregiver daughter. You are giving me something to think about--providing something homemade to a friend that is going through a hard time.
    2527 days ago
    am checking things like that now . thanks for the heads up . we have to take care of your own no one else is going to worry about other people .
    2527 days ago
    Wow! I need to look more carefully at the nutritional values of restaurant food! I don't eat out much, but when I do, I usually notice the calories and carbs - but haven't thought about that much salt being added to the food! Ouch!
    2527 days ago
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