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Rock Hard CrossFit

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I've gone from not being able to do a sit-up at all in my first CrossFit class to being able to do 16 in a minute. I was second to last in my group, but that's okay.

We also measured 1 minute for:
-squats: 37 (I came in 2nd to FIRsT this time. And 1st place only did 40.)
-push ups: 20 (Hit middle of the crowd, but I did knees on the floor kind, whereas the first time I only did wall pushups)

I went from being skeptical and a little angry (actually, scared) about the whole thing (read my first blog from earlier this month or so), to really looking forward to the challenge and the reward from the class.

Today we worked in teams, doing things like lifting heavy tables while our team mate did burpees, and then switching. In the second alternating exercise we pushed each other in rolling office chairs and then did walking lunges across the room together. It almost felt like playground play.

I've finally given myself room to be okay at the level that I am, and know that I will improve. I may not be the strongest or fastest person in the room, but I know that I am working As HARD As I POssIBLY CAN!!! And that level increases every day - my capability.

If you can't afford CrossFit (it's free to me at work twice a week since I'm part of the weight-loss contest there), there are a lot of things you can do right now to work the muscles that effect your functionality.

I don't know if I would have taken the advice I'm about to give out right now, back when I was over 350 lbs. But some of the greatest improvements I've found have been in doing things that were hard. You've gotta start somewhere - BURPEEs are FREAKING HARD. But what would have made them even begin to seem feasible for me is the act of getting down onto my hands and knees and then getting back up -- as quickly as I can for a minute, the resting, then doing it again, etc.

All of the improvement I've ever seen has come from doing things I never do. And although that seems obvious, it's been a revelation to me this week.

"The only way to be something you've never been is to do what you've never done." has never meant so much to me.

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