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What superpower would you choose?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

On the way to work this morning I was thinking about that game we sometimes play as kids. You know, the one where you get to pick a single superpower. Would you rather be able to fly, or maybe be invisible? Because people who write Wikipedia articles apparently have too much time on their hands (perhaps that’s their superpower), there’s a whole organized list of superpowers, here:

...my mother always DID say that I was impossible... LOL

There are powers that aren’t on that list, though.

When I was 335.6 lbs (or even possibly more, since I didn’t weigh myself regularly so who knows), I probably would have actually thought about it if someone had offered me the power to get the weight off, in exchange for, say, my right arm. I doubt I would have agreed to the deal, but I would have actually considered it. I suppose you could consider this a specific type of shapeshifting.

If you’d asked the 335.6 me whether I’d prefer the power to GET 186 lbs off, or the power to KEEP 186 lbs off, I think I would have chosen the second one.

Because I’d have figured it takes a certain amount of effort to get the weight off, and then you’re done with the losing part. But keeping it off kind of goes on forever, until you die. And I’d lost 100+ lbs once before in my life, so I knew it could be done. What I hadn’t ever managed to do was KEEP that weight off.

So I was thinking about this today, and I considered the fact that most superpowers have a cost. At least in the comic books Stan Lee created. Maybe not as extreme as giving up your right arm, but perhaps the need to recharge before using them again, or a little ritual or something to keep being able to use them. You know, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

So what would have been a reasonable cost for the superpower that allowed me to keep off 186 lbs? Having to, say, sleep 11 hours a night? Or regularly visit a guru deep in a city sewer for special meditation sessions?

And then of course my rational brain finally stepped in to these musings and said, “gotcha!”

Because the fact is that I DO have the “superpower” to keep off this 186 pounds. And I've been using it for nearly three years. And it DOES have a cost. Right now the cost is tracking my food and nutrients, working hard on my strength training and conditioning, continuing to focus on *why* I want to stay this size, building tools and incentives in the maintenance team here on this site (like the maintenance challenges, celebrating maintenance anniversaries, compiling a maintenance hall of fame) , etc. teams.sparkpeople.com/ma

So yeah. There it is. I am actually exercising a superpower. And as a result, I’m living out my own personal graphic novel, as my own real-life avatar, having adventures I could have only dreamed of, back when I weighed 335.6 lbs.

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