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Just venting ~ again.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

So this morning I went to the track where my friend (we'll call her "J") met up with me as she usually does. We began our walk and J was trying to explain something. I didn't understand so I asked her a question. She was very short with me and told me that if I wasn't understanding what she was saying that I never would. She acted like.. how dare you ask a question, you idiot. I began to get angry right back at her. I even thought to myself "should I just ask her to leave?" but I didn't, I just shut my mouth and let her keep talking. Then she said the way I work out isn't really a workout for her. I feel like this friendship is lopsided. So should I put an end to it or should I let it slide?
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    Thank you and all of you are right. I just need to talk to her. She's been a friend of mine for a long time so even if she gets mad, I'm sure she will get over it.
    2347 days ago
  • CRISSA1669
    I agree with GOFINSUNSHINE, nobody can make the call but you...maybe this isn't a friendship breaker but a workout buddy breaker instead. There is no way I want to expend the energy to workout and then do it WITH someone who is making me expend more energy with frustration. Take a couple days off from her and enjoy your walk and the scenery and get invigorated again...maybe the whole issue is not even about you but perhaps you just happen to be the closet person she can let loose with...or perhaps you are really showing commitment to this and changes are happening and she's feeling jealous, threatened or insecure....I have had my fair share of "Haters" in my journey..I finally just had to "dust off my feet" and move ahead and not allow their feelings about my journey hold me back....Hope a friendship isn't lost and things can be worked out.
    2348 days ago
    Maybe go on a walk a couple days in a row by yourself and see if thats better for you. because sometimes I like to walk by myself and other times i dont. remember this is for you not your friend. I'm a straight shooter and I would tell my freind(s) that walked with me if you dont like dont come and if you feel like not coming one day but another day that is fine. and honestly tell her that she is bothering you by getting so angry all the time and its hard for you to want to workout with her because of it. tell her that you dont like her cussing and being so loud and that you would rather have a friendlier convo while working out. also if she has to let something out that isnt so working out convo freindly then she can do it after your guys workout. set up some rules. That what I did with my friend and we have a better time walking now. good luck
    2348 days ago
    Only you can make this decision. I gage by whether you feel better or worse when you get together. So often there are ppl in our lives that drain our energy in very negative ways ie always wanting but never giving - always down etc... Is she one of these? If not and you think this friendship is worth working on - then have a talk about how you feel and ask her what she needs from her workouts and tell her what you need. ..... I'm sure you know all this - I can tell you - I didn't realize the energy zapping ppl in my life for the longest time ..... and they still come into my life in different forms - but I now know - to take carfe of me first - emotionally and physically...

    hope this helps - hugsss g/f - and congrats on getting out and doing your workout!!!!
    2348 days ago
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