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Pitch Perfect Movie

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I went to see this last night with my local girlfriend group and met a couple of new ladies. I loved the movie. It was even better to see it with women who were coming together to find friendship, as the main theme of this collegiate Acapella girl-group movie is about working together and finding your own strengths.

After all the singing, it made the drive home especially fun, as I turned up the music and sang loudly with my CD. It always sounds better with confidence. ;)

It was interesting how they have a big girl as part of the cast, and as is typical, she was the center of a bunch of jokes, including that she was popular with hunky guys (Miss Piggy style). It's weird how movies skirt the edge between being inclusive and making fun of groups of people, like they want to appeal to both the people who would be repelled by that group, and the ones that are part of that group. They did the same thing with questioning the sexuality of another character.

Anyhow, overall it was pretty hilarious, especially if you're in the right mindframe. (In other words, don't watch it with this blog in mind.. LOL!)

I'm going to make this a beautiful day, even as the tropical storm pushes closer and it it's tropically blustery. ;) I'll remember to focus on my strengths, celebrate my accomplishments and push through insecurities to find my confidence! After all, today is CrossFit day! :D
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