Mid-Terms and losing sleep over political issues...

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I'm exhausted! Not only have I been staying up super late grading mid-term papers for the past week, but I'm still not done. I've got exams from 4 classes that have to be graded by Monday. On Tuesday, I'll give one more exam, and get papers from my last class.


I'm not sleeping enough (and yeah, I lecture on the perils of sleep deprivation EVERY semester), I'm not working out like I usually do, and I made Scottish Tablet this past weekend for entertaining, and it is just SITTING IN MY HOUSE CALLING TO ME! (I've answered quite a few times, let me tell you...)

On top of all of that, I keep seeing posts on facebook and my faculty mailing list about political issues that keep me up for the few hours I manage to find myself in bed. I mull over "Should I say something? I have good data/research on this... can I say it in a way that is respectful, yet clear?" Then I decide I should and I can, and then I carefully craft a response, only to realize that when people believe strongly in something, they tend to be unlikely to hear even the most convincing arguments that contradict their beliefs. By that point, it is morning, and I'm exhausted, and I have to get up and start my day.

Why am I posting this here? Because you guys are my friends, and I just need to get it out... but also, because as rough as these past few weeks have been...

I feel pretty danged good. I mean, at least better than this point last year, where I was dealing with a lot of the same stuff but with 20 more pounds on my frame. I know that a week of not working out sucks, but it doesn't mean I have to give up forever because of this lapse. I know that I can do a pretty amazing thing - re-train my brain and body to get to a healthier place without having to resort to anything other than support from friends, education, and determination. I can maintain those changes for Three Months despite the above mentioned challenges.

Yeah, this is a sucky week, but it could be suckier, and I'm a pretty powerful chick with a strong brain and body. I'll get through it.

Me likey maintenance people. Really, I do!

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    plough through that marking, once you're out the other side, things will settle down...sort of....:) good luck!
    2343 days ago
    It's like hitting the wall. You know that if you can just get through it, you'll come out the other end ready for a strong finish. You're a tough cookie.

    And on the political bit...I agree that people are reluctant to even entertain ideas that are contrary to strongly held beliefs. But I also think their is merit in speaking up anyway. Voicing your own opinion, especially if it's something near and dear to you, may just help you unburden yourself (Because don't we all want to get our say in from time to time?) and you never know. You may just change a mind or two.

    Edit: But don't lose sleep over it. My goodness. A girl needs her beauty rest.
    2348 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/19/2012 12:29:34 PM
    I'm sorry you are hitting that rough exhausting stressful patch at work when everything comes down on you at once! And the sleep deprivation only makes it all harder.

    The great thing, from my POV, is that you seem to be ever-positive, confident and calm. You are doing so well, keeping that weight off, keeping the maintainer lifestyle. It's fantastic!

    Any chance you might want to be maintenance buddies, checking in to keep each other accountable each week via spark mail?
    2349 days ago
    Hang in there! It's almost over (both midterms and the election) - thank goodness. :-)
    2349 days ago
    I love this phrase: "Yeah, this is a sucky week, but it could be suckier, and I'm a pretty powerful chick with a strong brain and body. I'll get through it."

    I decided a couple of months ago to completely disengage from political discourse--even with folks who I know take the same or similar political stance. The polarization disgusts me--and brings out the worst in me. Therefore, for sanity and sleep sake, I have to avoid it as much as possible. What's really sad? My BA is in Poli Sci. My opinions will be expressed in the voting booth. Sigh.

    Try to get some exercise, it will help put your mind to rest.
    2349 days ago
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