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comments on my last blog, seems same results for other folks

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hi all

As you know from my last blog, I have a bone to pick here.

I got lots of replies and ideas as to what may be happening with the calorie and nutrition count difference, I am also going to contact SparkPeople and see what they think, thanks to the info. I got from Sandy (thx. Sandy!)

Someone asked me if the serving sizes were the same, yep they were. Someone else suggested that it may be the same products, but different brands, Hummm, that's worth thinkin' about, neither show any brand name at all, but the ingredients don't appear to be something that a different brand name would be a difference in, especially to this huge degree anyway so I expect this should not be an issue (?)

Yet another mentioned that most of the foods entered by Spark members themselves have incorrect info and actually sited an example of someone she had found who listed 8 oz milk provides 300% of the daily requirement of calcium (in what world would that be I wonder?!) I think they may have meant to put in 30%, not 300%, however this is a massive error some people may be using for their own tracking. When I checked out non fat (skim) milk (, it showed 30.1%
Anyway, lots to consider, I think I will do my own calculations from here forward, I trust myself more than I do Spark's count at this point .... I prefer and will go from ingredients/calorie and nutrition info. listed on the packages/other reliable sites, then will enter it all seperately myself to come up with what I believe would provide a more accurate count of what I am eating. I did this with the recipe I sited as the example and found the listing of the info on the recipe site was far more accurate than the one on this site!

I am very disappointed, and a little peeved that the foods listed by Sparkers would be incorrect, and why is this info not reviewed by someone at SparkPeople before they allow them to be universal foods for all of us to use, unaware of HUGE differences. I apologize if I sound mean or upset but this is what lots of us use to monitor our eating and why have it if it is incorrect?

It seems to me that this should be a "Report Inappropriate Comment" on this website we are encouraged to use (??)

Any other thoughts, opinions &/or ideas out there perhaps? THANKS FOR LISTENING (READING) MY RANT ... I appreciate it more than you all know! ..........

P.S. After posting this blog, I read a few posts and ideas from others via email and my posting on website as new topic and the replies I received and I have been asked to list the ingredients so they could check it out as well, so here you all are (6 servings) ....
1 lb. Italian sausage meat
1 cup salsa (Tostito medium)
1/2 cup chopped onion
1/2 light Miracle Whip (yes, listed by name brand, and as light)
2 T. chili powder
1 tsp. cumin
2 cups crushed tortilla chips (Tostito)
8 ounces shredded Cheddar cheese (medium)
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  • no profile photo JENAE954
    Have had the same type of experience with SP counts.
    Glad you are being proactive.
    You've got a lot of support! emoticon
    2225 days ago
    I have three different brands of canned pure pumpkin...
    Nothing added. Nothing different. Each lists "Pumpkin" as the one and only ingredient.

    Guess what?
    The nutritional info is different on each of them!

    It is not that someone is trying to trick us as consumers. Natural ingredients will have natural fluctuations. Every company and manufacturer is bound to to see a difference.

    As for SP, there is a whole lot of errors in the ingredients people input. Sometimes you can search an ingredient and see where the same person added the same ingredient multiple times with clear errors and them. If you don't go through and delete the incorrect items you added, or unshare them...They will stay in the system.

    Several people put in the full calorie content of a product instead of a serving size, etc...
    Not everyone is computer savvy and not everyone realizes that what they are putting in is going out to the entire SP world unless they choose otherwise.

    As for the recipe you used, there are probably 18 zillion different kind of Italian Sausage and not a single brand or type is going to give you the same nutritional values. I, for example, would use 100% ground white turkey sausage. My calories and fat count would be much lower than a full fat pork sausage. Same with the Tostito's, that particular brand makes several different varieties. I would use the baked...much lower fat & calories.

    Even many of the food items that originated from SP are older values. It just isn't a perfect system.

    I input all of my own foods that come with packaging that lists them. I even have all 3 kinds of pumpkin in my tracker. I am obsessive like that!

    SP has given us a new tool (and you get spark points) for verifying the nutritional info on any product listed.

    It's frustrating, I get it, but you are just better off tracking your own values and not relying on anyone else.

    Sorry that you are so frustrated!
    I think it is awesome that you are keeping track...That's a good thing!!
    2225 days ago
    You can rant here! LOL

    I hope you receive something back when you contact SP.

    Take care and enjoy your day/night whatever it is wherever you are! emoticon Sandy
    2226 days ago
    I find this very frustrating too. What I have found is that some calorie count books have vastly different nutritional information from what the actual package or restaurant says the counts are. Some claim that it was independent testing done in their labs, blah blah blah and that theirs is more accurate than what the restaurants provide. I have done much as you have and started doing everything myself. Also if you notice in the corner of many member entered items if you check the nutritional content before you add it (small link) there is a place to vote if the information is correct. If I find one that is vastly different I report it. If it is 10 calories or less off, I ignore it and just input my own and put it in my favorites. I know it is not much help, but not sure that even having Sparkpeople review this information would stop some of it depending on what source was used to check it. I also have had 2 boxes of the same product that had different nutritional values listed which is why I disregard 10 calorie or less errors.
    2226 days ago
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