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Naturopath Visit #2

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Well I saw my naturopath for the 2nd time last night. It was very interesting and he gave me a lot of information, too much actually I forget a lot of it. I think next time I will go prepared with a notepad to take notes lol.

First off my GP said I have non alcoholic fatty liver disease and that 2 of 6 liver enzyme tests were a bit high and I should lose weight to improve that before any permanent damage can be done. Ok that's fine, I can handle that lol. He said absolutely nothing else to me about any abnormal results.

The naturopath had lots to say from looking at the exact same results. First off he said those 2 liver enzymes were really high, not only a bit high lol. He gave me some herbal tablets to improve liver function.

He also said I have a very high red blood cell count, he said this is caused by a loss of red blood cells so the body overproduces to make up for that loss. At the time of those results I had been sick for some time and I was having blood drawn quite frequently and he agreed that could be the cause.

He said my ketones were really high as well, which happens when the body isn't getting enough energy so it burns body fat to make up for that. This is good at a low level because it happens when you are losing weight. However, I am losing weight way too fast as I've not been eating enough since June when I first got sick. Now, these results are from when I was eating about 200 calories a day so they may not be quite as high anymore. Based on that and my food journal, he wants me to consume more calories, more vegetables, more protein and less simple carbs like rice and bread. I will be working on improving that but I think it will go slowly lol.

He also wanted to do some kind of test on my urine, I can't remember now what though, but I wasn't able to provide a sample while I was there.

For some of this he made some suggestions, to increase my appetite he said things that are bitter like coffee, which I won't drink, and something called bitter melon, I've never heard of this so I will have to look it up.

Also to address the psychological aspect, I'm a bit afraid to eat as I was sick for so long I'm a bit afraid of getting sick again, I will be seeing a therapist starting tomorrow. I also deal with depression off and on and a lot of anxiety so we'll work on that too.

He said to increase energy levels I just need to eat more lol.

So this week I will be working on eating better things and more overall, I will take in a printout of my spark tracker so he can see more detail, I just wrote it all down last time and he was asking about how many calories per day. I wasn't sure as I wasn't using the spark tracker I just used the sheets he provided. I will be taking those pills to help my liver function better. Also, per my GP's request, I will be getting some blood drawn again to retest my liver enzymes so I will bring those results to my naturopath as well. It'll give a more accurate picture of what's going on as the results he looked at were when I was sick in June and July.

So I learned a lot actually, and he saw much more wrong in my results than my GP did so I think I will continue to see the naturopath and see if he can help me get feeling much better. I won't be ignoring the advice of my GP of course, I just think I need the extra help lol. I mean it's great I'm losing weight and all but I'm not really doing it in a healthy way, 5 lbs a week is a bit too fast lol.

It is fairly expensive to see a naturopath, I'm paying $65 per visit every 2 weeks so far, plus it was $35 for the liver pills which will only last about 2 weeks, plus if he does ask me to have any tests done I will have to pay for those, he hasn't asked for any tests yet other than that urine test which I wasn't able to do lol.

I will be seeing him again in 2 weeks and I will post another blog. It's very interesting to me and I just think some people might be interested to hear what the experience can be like ^_^
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    Hope things get better for you and yes you need to eat more or your body will consume itself. Then you will look like those people that are just skin and bones. Not a pretty pitcher.
    2311 days ago
    Great info Roxy!!! I would get that urine analysis done soon as it can pinpoint more problem areas. My Naturopath did a urine analysis for toxins and that is where I found out I was off the charts for Mercury and high lead. Toxins affect the liver big time!

    You are so smart to work with your GP and the Naturopath. What one doesn't find, the other will! Keep us posted!

    2312 days ago
  • GAYLE73
    Wow I always envy people who have a "losing weight" problem but I can see that its actually horrible!

    Your right this is so interesting!
    2312 days ago
    Thanks for blogging about this! My DH has had issues on an off for several years and had every test under the sun with no results. For the last month we have been eating more "gluten free" to see if that gets us any closer to a resolution. I have added you as a friend - I would love to hear about your progress. Good luck to you and even though your weight loss has been outstanding I understand your concern about it being too fast. Best of luck to you...
    2312 days ago
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