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Monday, October 15, 2012

October 15th. 2012.

It has been a bad week. Death won't wait because I'm busy harvesting.
Lost two very special friends and two acquaintance .
Might have mentioned Jack before, was 90. Gave me my start in farming as a 21 year old, about to be married. always wanted to farm, heard he was managing a farm that might be for rent. Stopped by his office to see if it was available. Only contact I had ever had with him was when he subbed as Agriculture teacher when I was a student. Was really surprised when he said I could have it, almost to good to believe. Told me, look around, all the farmers are getting old, we need some young ones like you to carry on. About a month went by and first one neighbor said he had it rented then another. Made me nervous. Went to see him again and mentioned all the rumors and he replied, I told you you had it rented and his handshake was good. Not long after he called and had me sign a lease, still have it today, 54 years later and live on the same farm.

Uncle Bud was another special guy in my life. Very outspoken,generous, caring in many ways. He and I traded jabs all the time, really loved that guy. He suffered so much pain the last few years. Sure wish I could have helped him more. So sad, just couldn't handle the constant pain anymore.
Many years ago I and all my boys and in later years as the G K's came along refereed to him as "Uncle Bud", he actually was a first cousin to my FIL. All started as a joke I told him because we were related I should be in his will. He would always bark back "Warner, while shaking his fist at me, and say all your going to get is one dollar", and then we would laugh. Just for the record the last time he saw me he was all the way up to $5.00, sure never wanted to collect that inheritance. GS's 8 and 11 upon hearing of his death were overheard saying "oh no, not Uncle Bud I really liked him, he was awesome, I want to go to his funeral".
When I was a much younger man, I had this neighbor farmer who thought I went out of my way to do him a favor. was the type that didn't give out too many compliments. He told me people usually wait until the casket is in front of the church and tell them what a great guy he was, he said I'm telling you now, while your alive, your a good one. Never forgot. Have only gave this compliment to 2 people, am sure many more are deserving, and they died a day apart.
I have always done fundraisers for various events through the years and both were VERY generous, both always saying, don't tell anyone where it came from, always wanted to be anonymous .
Life goes on and is for the living but somehow our little village will not be the same.

RIP "Uncle Bud" and "Jack"!

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