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A Children's Halloween Story (Part 4, the final part)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Finally, the eve of Halloween arrived. The reflection of the stars bounced off of the moon, revealing a slight shimmer that barely peeked through the smoke colored clouds. The silence breathing in the air was enough to send chills down the spine of even the most fearless soul.

The parents surrendered their efforts to destroy Lilac's world until they could come up with a strategy that would not backfire. Their suspicions made them very weary about allowing their children to dress up and go trick or treating. The four siblings weren't worried about not being able to participate in the festivities because they knew that at this very moment, something magical was brewing and in a matter of hours, life would change forever and for the better!

Inside of the mansion, Lilac was busy gathering potions and setting them near the Silver Cauldron. Lilac's husband, the Wizard of Wonder was busy coaching the small girls how to recite the spell with perfection. There is no room for error because this spell is an irreversible one.

There was an assortment of potions near the cauldron. Each potion had a very distinct color and a label with the name boldly printed neatly placed on the glass bottles. Each of the colors were intriguing, but the most stunning without a question was solid gold in color and packaged in a glass shaped like a Coca-Cola Bottle. It was called "Youth."

Everything was set up for the spell to be completed, but before Lilac could perform the spell, she had to give the gift of magic to the chosen parents. The parents of Lilly, Louis, Luke, and Lisa were about to receive the gift. This is not a spell that can be performed from a distance so Lilac had to make the trip down the crooked Hill. As Lilac began making her way down the hill, it dawned on her that this trip did not need to be made. There was no need to stir up fear in anyone when the fear would vanish after tonight's restorative spell anyway so the chosen parents would just have to wait. She headed back inside the mansion to get ready for a phenomenal night!

Lilac asked the wizard and the children if they were ready. Ella, Bella, Hazel, and Stormy prepared for this moment all day and they were ready and excited. Lilac pushed the silver cauldron out of the way. For the most magical spell of the year, gold is the color to use. Lilac walked to the room with the cauldrons and potions and pushed a gold cauldron with magic wands and fairies in the place where the silver cauldron was before.

Lilac boiled some water and poured it into the cauldron. Then she grabbed a couple of potions and an empty glass bottle. She mixed "Magic" and "youth" together and poured it into the pot. She then poured every other potion into the pot in no particular order.
She asked her children to stir the concoction and they obliged. Steam was rising from the pot, which meant it was time for the chanting of the spell.

Lilac and the small witches began chanting the spell. They repeated three times, then stopped for a moment. The wizard of wonder gently grabbed a bottle of potion and made his way over to the gold cauldron. The potion he picked up was "Imagination"
and he slowly poured the entire bottle into the pot and began stirring. Lilac and her children began reciting the spell again and the wizard joined in. They repeated the spell until the shadow of the moon peeped through their window. This was a sign that the spell was going to create it's magic shortly.

A rough wind swept through the town. This windstorm wasn't just a typical blunder in the weather. This heavy wind was carrying magic and releasing it unto the residents of the town.

A strange feeling hit the townspeople. They couldn't quite put their fingers on what it was. They felt different but they had no idea what was happening. Suddenly. they felt a lightness like a huge weight was lifted off of their shoulders. The fear deeply embedded in town was rapidly vanishing.

The eve of Halloween quickly faded into Halloween morning. The parents were planning on gathering today but nobody any longer had the desire to destroy the witch's world, or anyone's for that matter. They agreed that she hasn't tried to harm anyone so it's best just to keep the peace. The parents also decided to allow their kids to participate in the night's activities.

Lilac decided to make her way down the hill. She presented the chosen parents with their gift of magic and assigned them their virtues, Love and tolerance. She also visited with all of the people in town. She was welcomed with open arms. The imaginations of the adults were growing wild, coming to life and shining brighter than the sun. Suspicions melted away and parents found it easy to believe, not just witches and good intentions but a myriad of things!

The magic in the air was everlasting. Everyone in town helped each other conquer their obstacles and accomplish their goals with their virtues. Not everyone was a witch or wizard with assigned virtues but make no mistake, some magic comes from within!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    2013 days ago
    Such a wonderful story, I loved reading every bit of it!
    2015 days ago
    Loved your story. It was beautifully written.
    2016 days ago
    Lovely story. How I wish we had magic in the world to make everyone tolerant, non-judgmental and loving. Yes, and we often forget the wonderful world of imagination as we grow world weary. I love the fact you have kept the fires of your imagination lit. emoticon
    2016 days ago
    emoticon Great story~
    2016 days ago
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