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My doctor said 'well done'!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Admittedly, it's not the first thing she said. The first thing was 'Are you taking your blood pressure tablets?' to which I had to reply 'Ah. No.' emoticon

Thing is, there's no point in lying to your GP (GP is general practitioner, the go-to doc in the UK for minor ailments). After telling me off about the BP tablets, she took my blood pressure so I was glad I hadn't lied, because I've still got high blood pressure so that's something to work on. And take tablets for. emoticon

So I started telling her about SP and how fantastic it is and how it's free etc etc and she didn't took too interested but then she weighed me. And my weight is only 2kg (four and a half pounds) less than last time she saw me, but then she looked at it in terms of how much weight I've lost since March this year and it's 31 pounds. I lost a bit before starting on any weight loss programme then I went to Slimming World for three months and didn't like it much. Then I found SP and it's reasonable to say it has changed my life. emoticon

I'm really pleased she has a record of my highest weight because I hadn't a clue what it was, but it's there on her computer, and from now onwards I'm only paying attention to what the surgery scales say. I was starting to think I couldn't do this but in fact I've lost more weight than I realised, already.

I explained that SP is about eating enough to - at most - maintain your current weight plus exercising so that it goes down, slowly, and she started looking more interested. She was also quite impressed with my Tales from the Forest. emoticon

I have to see her again in two months' time. By then I would like to have lost another 8kg. so I'm starting a two-month streak, as of now. It's not often a civilian gets the better of the medial profession and I aim to make the most of it. emoticon

Want to join me? Send me a sparkmail. emoticon

PS: I bought new trainers and by tomorrow night should be recovered enough from this cold to go to the gym. Firing on all cylinders.

PPS: This is the streak I'm thinking of

Staying within calorie range and trying to keep to the bottom end of it
Gym 3x a week and two long walks a week (but for other people whatever exercise they choose, as it's largely down to taste and ability)
8 waters a day (which I find really hard)
6 freggies a day
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