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...but it was good enough.

Monday, October 15, 2012

I'm reflecting on the weekend I had, and the goals I hit and the goals I missed. Here is a recap:

Friday, I didn't have the veggies to make stir-fry as I had planned, so we had pasta instead. It was good, and I served it with a side of steamed veggies with olive oil. Hubby helped, since it was the start of what turned out to be a very icky feeling weekend.

Saturday, hubby took Mr. B to the vet for a checkup on his allergies, and he is doing much better thankfully. While Mr. B was away, to keep our other dog, L, occupied, I took him on a walk. We went slow and steady, following his old man pace. I really enjoyed it, as did he. He even got some lovin' from the neighbors! I also fit a nap in late afternoon.
Food wise, I had half my oatmeal, a turkey sammy with grapes, and a smoothie for dinner since hubby was at work and I wasn't feeling well.
Sunday, hubby and I ran a few errands and I cleaned up a bit, mostly layed around as I wasn't feeling well. Fit in another nap, this time on the futon with company.

Me & Mr. B, dog tired.
Food wise, I had a bowl of cereal, a salad at Chili's with some tortilla chips, and a smoothie for dinner again.

I didn't get all the exercise I had wanted to get, and I didn't eat as well as I know I could have. (Snacks consisted of rice cakes and pretzels. I can't resist!) When reflecting, I started to get really disappointed, and upset I hadn't met all my goals. I didnt' clean up as I had wanted, I didn't exercise, didn't make food to freeze for later when I was too tired to cook.
But - I stopped myself, and realized, but it was good enough.
I ate well. I avoided dessert, even though the temptations were all around all weekend, I pre-planned our eating out at Chili's and decided on a salad with water, and did my best to limit my chip intake, we went to the grocery store Sunday night to grab cheese for burgers instead of going out for takeout, and I didn't get anything from the bakery although they had some of my faves, I loaded up on freggies, I did walk the dog one day, and I did do my best.
Also, I got a lot accomplished considering I am now going through prednisone (a steroid) withdrawals. I didn't let the fatigue, the weakness, the nausea, get the best of my.

It was good enough. Not perfect, but good enough. And I'm ok with that.
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