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SOooo tired

Monday, October 15, 2012

The only thing I can equate this lethargy with is being pregnant....but I'm not pregnant, so I'm attributing it to needing a vacation.

Last week was an emotional one...BIG TIME. I had a blog written about it, but swapped it over to a journal entry instead...but trust me, between running around with the kids, the extracurriculars, the planning, the emails, the homework, the shuffling of bodies from place to place...I am pooped.

So staring at me this Monday is this (on highest to lowest levels of priority) are:

- change battery in fire detector because it is beeping - sure, a simple task you think...BUT I have to call ADT to go off line, then get a ladder, then open the thing up, then go GET a new battery because GOD FORBID it's a normal one I'd have in the house,...the reverse the whole thing so I'm back to it NOT chirping at me every 10 seconds.

-prep for the den meeting I am having tonight for scouts

- food store....evidently my shopping trip to the store on Friday was a complete bust because we are out of eggs...and green things...and wheat bread for the kid's sandwiches for school.

- the office supply is kinda important

- the office to do the monthly billing (you'd think that'd take higher priority, but I can bang it out tomorrow too)

- exercise

HOWEVER....I am beat. Tired. Pooped. Tuckered out. Drained. Seriously in need of a vacation...I want to do absolutely NONE of the above.

HERE is how tired I was yesterday: slept late until 9am!!!! Me and the hubby...both of bed, passed out...until 9am when the kids got us up to feed them. We felt like we were in a twilight zone episode. We have not slept past 7am in the last 13...yes, THIRTEEN...13 years...yes...YEARS!!

After that - we are 2 hours off-kilter...and then at my sister in laws house.....I took a nap while everyone was watching the football game around me!!! And I NEVER EVER EVER EVER have done all of 16 years of knowing these people....I have NEVER fallen into nap mode....even when I WAS pregnant! you can see...i'm sitting here blogging and listening to the chirping fire detector and the temptation to go back to bed is HUGE...and I just might.

Maybe I'm fighting off a cold. Very possible.

Maybe I'm just tired of the constant running around. VERY very possible.

Should I be SELFISH and actually go back to bed for a bit...since it is my "day off" and all...oh, I am seriously leaning toward that. My nice warm and soft flannel quiet house all around me. It's sounding better and better the more I think about it.

Will everything else get done today...yup, it will....because I am me and I get stuff done....all the time. Guaranteed. Absolutely...positiviely..if I say so, it gets done. That's me. The go-to girl.

but right now...I think I will take an hour to take a nap...a little one...and then, hopefully, I will feel refreshed enough to get on the treadmill like I wanted to do this morning. I know THAT wil give me some energy....for sure!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    ahhh a nap, I'm with ya on that. I have been taking
    naps which are unusual for me too, but they are
    starting to become a habit.

    Yep after checking a few more emails, I am going
    for a nap.

    Have a great week.

    2013 days ago
    With all of that...anyone would be tired.
    A wife and mother's work is never done.
    I think though...along with the many duties and could be THE WEATHER CHANGE that's taking something from you. And too...if you don't take vitamins or get a peaceful resting sleep each night...THAT can zap all your energy too. I was so taken by the drop in my energy...I started looking at the calendar thinking my TOM was lurking. lol should be knocking on my door any day now. What works for me is IRON supplements. Another thing in moderation during the day is ginseng and green tea supplements. Those two turn me into a super woman.

    And sometimes...we can't "get away" but what we can do is UNPLUG. Give yourself A BREAK. Unplug from everything even if it is for ONE HOUR. Sounds easy...but its not always easy because we don't always realize how plugged in we are... Preparing mentally first to unplug and then go for a 1 hour walk...think of NOTHING but simply enjoy THE MOMENT.
    Or if you can...allow yourself a 1/2 day BREAK. Where you get a sitter for the kids and either have a simple dinner with your husband or just GO AWAY for a few hours...
    Before you go...promise you won't worry aboutthe kids or whatever is going on. BELIEVE ME it will all be there waiting for you when you get back. lol
    My gym time is MY ME TIME. I go there and forget I have kids...and ALL my troubles, worries, problems. Its like yoga. lol

    All the best to you. Keep sparkin.
    2013 days ago
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