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Monday, October 15, 2012

Well I was determined to start to make changes in my life after my trip. I have never been overseas before so that was an experience in itself. I have also never really been on my own for a long period of time. I was a daughter and my mother liked to control what I was doing. (of course she did) now as a mother I know all of her reasons. I was very young when I got into my first (and only) serious relationship. My boyfriend (who is now my husband) was controlling and liked to know where I was and who I was with at all times. I then fell pregnant at 18 with our first child. I had my daughter and then I was (of course ) obliged to look after her and my family. Then I had 3 more (all boys) so all of my life I have had to be either responsible for them or reporting to them and had to worry about everyone else but me. So my trip was fantastic for getting to know me. I was stronger and had direction. I came home and was very confused and scared that I would lose that. That the strong girl would dissapear back into the mundane. I even went and saw a counsellor as I was so distressed. She told me before I could do anything I had to work out who I was. I still don't know but am working on it.
My husband was beside himself while I was away and told me he was never letting me go again. He realised how much I meant to him and how special I was.
So we are working together in making a go of it. Of getting to know each other and spend some quality time together. Helping each other with the chores. (this is great) Now we get time to sit and talk as Im not the only one running around doing everything. He comes and hangs out the washing with me and chats and helps me get it off.
Knowing I was interested in fitness and health he decided that He would get fit. He lost 16 kilos while I was away (i hate men. Why is it they can lose sooooo much so quickly) and we are now work out buddies and he is our chef. He has been making the most wonderful meals that are so good for the whole family.
We have been doing our own bootcamps, boxing, running and resistance bands. Then we have been using Nike Training Club and doing body specific workouts. We have even been on youtube and done some hard core weight training routines. On the weekend we walked to town from our place which is 17kilometres. We take the dogs for walks and are (sorry about this) having a fair bit of sex too. This is fantastic for me as I have never been so motivated. It is great to have someone doing it with you and cheering you on. We have a long verandah which wraps around our house and Luke was doing his laps while I was on the boxing bag. He did 50 laps in 29.30min. I was like Ok. (it is 3.6 kilometres, 50 laps)So off I go, I was looking good. I thought you know what I am going to smash his time. ANd I did 24.30. 50 laps.So this is what I am saying about motivation and the extra push. He is so motivated so he is making me feel the same way. And our relationship is stronger every day.
These are our new babies. Delilah and Albie,

The Hubby.

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