Being Sick Has Its Benefits! and other NSV's

Sunday, October 14, 2012

As I mentioned in my last blog. I have had bronchitis for the better part of a week and some change. It has been supremely sucktastic. Adding to this the fact that I've been going to bed at 12-1 and getting up between 3 and 4, I have felt generally like death on toast for about 9 days.

Yesterday, I finally decided I needed to go to the doctor to get pills because I was obviously not going to get enough sleep in the next 2 months to ward off whatever plague hath infected my body :P

Going to the doctor means getting on the scale, which, normally, I *DREAD* I fear the nurse's silent judgement as my weight blinks on the screen. I fear my doctor's lecture that is surely coming about how I weigh more than I did last time and why haven't I done anything about it, etc. Well, NOT THIS TIME.

I owned it this time. I walked right up to that scale and I straight up told the nurse "I'm excited about this!" and She looked at me like I had lost my mind. Let me explain why.

When I had to go to this same doctor/scale in the summer (beginning of August I believe) I weighed 394 pounds by their scale. Yesterday, when I hopped on that scale, it read 363.8 pounds. I almost screamed I was so happy! I've lost THIRTY POUNDS by the doctor's scale since I've begun my journey!!!

I am not going to change my weight on here to reflect that as my weigh-ins are done using my home scale, but it made me SO happy to know that I had weighed in on my scale that morning at 365.4 (this was sans clothing--gotta be as light as possible!) and WITH clothing at the doctor's office 3 hours later I weighed 363.8 :D

I could not have done it without SP and my friends who constantly support me on here. Thank you all so much!

Now, to some NSV's. Here's my results from BLC #16 Week 5 update madness:

Initial Fitness Test (Week 1)
Resting Heart Rate: 72 BPM
Push Ups: 10 in 1 minute (at the knee, can't do 1 full one)
Sit Ups : 15 in 1 minute
Mile: 18 minutes

Week 1 Measurements
Pant Size: 28
Neck: 17.5 inches
Bust/Chest: 56 inches
Waist: 51 inches
Upper Arm: 20 inches (LEFT)
Lower Arm: 13 inches (LEFT)
Hips: 62 inches
Thigh: 39.5 inches (LEFT)
Calf: 21 inches (LEFT)
Total Inches: 280 (O.O That's almost 24 feet!)

Week 5 Measurements and Fitness Test
Resting Heart Rate: 72 BPM
Push Ups: 24 in 1 minute ---up 14!
Sit Ups : 21 in 1 minute ---up 6!
Mile: 16 minutes

Pant Size: 28
Neck: 15.5 inches
Bust/Chest: 52.5inches
Waist: 47 inches
Upper Arm: 19.5 inches
Lower Arm: 12 inches
Hips: 60 inches
Thigh: 36.5 inches
Calf: 20 inches
Total Inches: 263
Total Inches Lost: 17!!

Do you see that?? 17 inches!! Gone from my body! OH! and, I noticed the back of my calf is looking more calf-like. I know guys don't usually have a problem with this, but when I was a bit heavier my calf was basically just round, now you can see the flat line of the muscle!

I've noticed sweaters fitting my arms better, jeans that don't hurt to wear anymore, dresses that don't show my stomach anymore AND I bought a corset! This is something I've wanted to do for AGES. I finally bought one (size 42) and It still has room to sinch in so that when I get smaller I can still use it. I think I'll take a picture and post it later today :)

Sadly, I've lost the most inches in my bust, I'm serious, why must I be the one big girl whose boobs are the last thing to gain and the first thing to lose (Sorry guys if this is TMI, :P) But my neck has slimmed down noticably and I don't feel like I have so much double chin-ness :P

Has anyone else noticed the NSV of your stomach getting farther and farther from your steering wheel? I am LOVING that, especially as I drive 100 miles a day, I pretty much live in my car so I notice these things.

*Editors note: I took a 4-hour break (went grocery shopping, made dinner, etc) writing this blog at this point, so if anything after this point does not go with what came before it, I apologize. That is my life.

I found out my placement for my student teaching spot next semester! I'll spend half the semester in a Kindergarten classroom and half the semester in a High School Social Studies placement! It is going to be a bit crazy transitioning from one age to the next, but I am excited about the experience. I am a bit nervous about my signing ability as this placement is at a residential school for the deaf.

I found out that they have a Y just down the street though, and I can get a temporary membership! :)

Um, other NSV's? my classmates/teachers have noticed, which makes me happy. I climb three flights of stairs at school and when I started everytime I got to the top I had to stop and catch my breath and now, I don't have a problem with that anymore unless I run them! :D

I'm also noticing more flexibility on my part, I can bend in more ways and even something as simple as tying my shoe has become easier.

Random last note: I LOVE shopping in the whole foods/organic/vegetarian/etc. section of the grocery store. They have so many delicious and healthy things! I just wish they weren't SO expensive...

I can't wait until Thanksgiving break, not for the food, I actually really don't like much of anything that is served in a traditional thanksgiving meal, I just need the time off. I need it so badly...

Anyway, enjoy your weeks and I'll see everyone next Saturday when we do the Week 6 weigh-in! :D
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    you are doing emoticon
    3204 days ago
    You are doing great!!! Well done!!!
    emoticon emoticon
    3205 days ago
    Anna! You are doing amazing! I am so happy for you! Look at all these positive things goig on in your life right now(except for the sick-bleah!).
    You are so inspiring with the positive thinking, even in a time of not feeling well!

    Your blog is just what I needed today. THANK YOU!
    3205 days ago
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