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Sunday, October 14, 2012

First of all, I want to talk about my calorie deficiency
(other topics: working out schedule(done) herbalist, exercise calorie comparisons)

in Week one of measuring I achieved a deficiency of 8045 which was a loss of 300 grams( that is made up of 1 hour and 10 mins of exercise each day, totalling 3900 calories)

Week Two, calorie deficiency, 3122, made up of 1 hour and 40 mins exercise each day (Total of 4000 calories) and i GAINED 1.5kgs.

So what can we learn.. In the second week I clearly ate more, but worked out more. - Yet gained weight... While other people would lose 1 lb at a loss of -3000 calories over a week, i, instead gain 3 lbs. (Not FULLY bitter about this.. just trying to work it out!)

to lose somewhere around 500 grams a week would be ideal.. (if its possible)
Weekly Calorie Needs: 17500
Possible Weekly Calories Burnt: 3500

If 8000 calories in deficient = -300 grams then.. -500 grams = 13,300 deficient
If I were to eat 10,500 a week, (1500 a day) that would offer me a deficiency of 7000
Leaving me..... 6300 to burn in exercise, and making me 2800 shy.

So If I ate... 8400 calories a week, (1200 a day) that makes 9100 deficient + exercise = just 700 calories shy. But I don't want to cut down to 1200 calories, so that means more exercise.

So lets say I stay on 1500 calories and try to go for 1000 calories in exercise a day.... (uh oh face)... 7000+7000 = Good enough.
So that's.... 2- 3 hours of exercise a day (depending on the exercise)= 1lb lost a week.

Last week, out of curiosity I began writing down the exercises I do and calories they burn, I think I need some extra efficiency for my time :)
So I'd like to get that finished today.... now that I need it hehe :)

And finally I wanted to add my current working out schedule
Mon 6pm: stretch and release
Tue 9am aquafit, 7pm wind training
Wed 9am zumba / 12pm badminton and 5.30pm climb mt victory (there is a 8pm swimming group also if i learn to swim)
Thu 6am wind training 9am boxing and 6pm 5k walk/run for hagley park,
Sat cycling 9am-1pm / PT in the park 12pm - 1pm
Sun 10am PT / 9am walking/run in hagley park AND 4pm beginners Swimming Training

these are my current commitments. Unassessed however. I have yet to do the boxing class and wind training/(like spin class) and swimming classes, It's still school holidays tho.

And anywhere I want, i can do a jillian michaels dvd. :)
Okay I have home work to do :)

Sara and I will be going swimming today so I can learn to swim :) emoticon

--- Later that day:
I have finished the calorie by exercise comparison here are the top ten:

1) running 2) running up mountains 3) stationary bike 4) step class 5) kick boxing 6) boxing 7) kayaking 8) skipping fast 9) circuit training eg curves 10) basketball/netball, a sport like that. (these are all over 150 calories per 10 mins) :)
Aquafit is only 75 calories per ten mins aww. Zumba just 112.

Also I have been seeing a herbalist
She diagnosed my weight issues as to do with 1) sugar craving 2)stress and 3)high blood sugar levels (cos my insulin isnt working right)
She has put me on Mega Magnesium.. and.. Gentiana and Gymnema, these are herbs that will change my tastebuds to find sweet, too sweet, and dark chocolate nice.. lol.. I can't IMAGINE that. The only dark chocolate I like is the one with the peppermint fondant filling thing.. cos i could eat that peppermint stuff all day! But yeah here is hoping, also, she wants to make a "herbal cocktail" that can be edited and altered with time, containing 5 herbs... costing 46$ per 2 weeks, ouch. BUT that apparently is the bizno.
I asked her about Raspberry Keytones (that were on the counter in front of us, ) (and were on the dr oz show) and she said she thinks ALL keytones dont work.. but african mango is probably the best product for that kinda thing. Hrm.. I haven't researched that, Ionly heard a radio add for it recently.. so will do some work on it.
She originally thought it was my thyroid, but testing seems it is not.

Finally, I told my results to kelvin about the kind of exercise i require, and he was not happy about it.. He thinks its impossible to do that much exercise on that much food..
Impossible is not the right word. of course..
I passed out today after swimming, and slept for 3 hours.. WHILE A FRIEND WAS HERE, that's how tired i was! and.. then I was hungry after dinner.. and bear in mind, i still have another 600 calories to burn today? its midnight now, so im not going to but.. yeah
Highly difficult might be the right words?
Hrm.. Dispondent emoticon
I have some good news tho, I will share it with you tomorrow :)

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    Hope this helps in your calculations.
    2045 days ago
  • 68ANNE
    I hope this helps....muscle weighs more than fat.

    Measure yourself instead of looking at the scale.
    I know, I know, everybody says it but it is true.
    Especially when the scale lies to you.
    2047 days ago
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