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A children's Halloween story (part 3)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A storm was setting in. The children were startled by the rumbling but it was just a stretch to get to the hill. They made their way up the hill and then they found themselves at the door to the mansion. The children knocked and the door creaked open. They looked at each other nervously but they shortly made their way inside.

The interior of the mansion is slightly spooky. Pumpkins and white owls abound. Witch and wizard hats, all around. Magic wands and costumes aligned the walls. Chandeliers, cobwebs, and bats hang down from the ceilings. With every corner and every turn, there is something to be found. There were several spiral staircases, leading to many different rooms. One could easily get lost in all of the space. The children thought it was a quite interesting place but they couldn't decide which way to go first.
They made their way to a set of spiral stairs to the right.

The witch heard a noise. She rushed down a set of spiral stairs and when she reached the bottom, she came face to face with the children. The children gasped. She told them not to fear. One of the children, Lisa, was brave and asked the witch her name. "Lilac," the witch replied. Lilac told the children to follow her. They hesitated and then followed suit. She lead them to a room with many cauldrons, with every design. There were also shelves and shelves of potions. In the middle of the room was a cauldron, midnight blue in color with stars and half moons. The cauldron was filled with candy and Lilac told the children to help themselves to whatever they wanted. The children refused to take candy, as they were taught not to take candy from strangers.

The children wanted to know what Lilac did all day. "I practice and perform spells," she
said proudly. "Good spells or bad spells?" the children demanded! "Good spells. I am a good witch." The children wanted her to prove that she was a good witch.
"I don't know if I can prove it, but you can ask my children." The children's eyes widened as she called her children. Four small girls came down the spiral stairs. Lilac introduced them to the children. "This is Ella, Bella, Hazel, and Stormy." "Hi", the small witches said in unison. "Hi", the children replied. Lilac explained what type of witch each of the girls were. "Ella is the witch of Honesty. She helps people see the Truth. Bella is the witch of courage. She helps others conquer their fears. Hazel is the witch of Serenity. She helps keep the peace between people and nature. Stormy is the witch
of Justice. She helps to see that fairness prevails." "What are you the witch of?" Lilly, asked curiously. Ella butted in and declared, "she is the witch of Wisdom!"

"Our parents think you are up to no good," Luke informed. Lilac giggled. "I bet they think witches cackle too." Lilac explained to the children that the reasons why their parents thought that witches were up to no good is because as they grew up, their imaginations faded and they learned to conform. Not to worry though, she reassured. "My husband is a wizard of wonder. Every year, on the eve of Halloween, we perform a spell to reverse the curse of conformity. Their imaginations will once again, be brighter than the sun, just like that of a child's! The children smiled and cheered!

Lilac asked them if they wanted to see the rest of the mansion and of course, they shook their heads yes. By the time Lilac and her little witches showed the children around, it was close to daylight. "Oh no, we have to get back home before the sun rises, Louis shrieked! Lilac showed them the way back down to the living room.
The front door opened. It was the wizard. Lilac introduced the children to the wizard. He works all night teaching small witches and wizards how to use their magic. The children greeted him and then quickly rushed out of the door. They ran back down the hill and made the path back home.

At the mansion, Ella asked her mom why she didn't tell the children the entire truth. Lilac responded, "they are not ready yet, my dear."

The sun had risen and the parents were now awake. They checked on their children, then made their way to the kitchen to make them pancakes. The morning settled into noon and the parents of town gathered again. After a couple of hours, they finally settled on a plan. "Midnight is the hour," they agreed. The four siblings heard. "Oh no, they thought. How were the children going to get back to the mansion again before midnight?! The children had some planning of their own to do.

Some of the parents went to the grocery store to collect items for their endeavor.
There were many items in the cart, from eggs and water bottles, to garlic and tools.

The children had a plan to get back to the mansion before midnight to warn Lilac about what was going to happen.

Night arrived rather quickly. The siblings told their parents they were going to the pumpkin patch to see if they could find any nice, plump pumpkins for the pumpkin carving contest that was being held in a few days. Their parents bought it and the children slipped out of the door.

The children once again trudged along the path to make their way to the crooked hill.
They knocked on the door and Lilac answered. The children told her what the parents had planned and she told the children to follow her. She went straight to the room with the cauldrons and potions, then she made her way to a couple rooms over, where the silver cauldron with the skulls painted all over was located. She twisted the lid off of an hourglass shaped glass bottle. It was a blood red potion. She poured it into the cauldron. She also poured half of a bottle of an orange potion into the mix. She threw in some witch hazel, and even a few star shaped crystals. "This will reverse any action back unto the person who performs it," Lilac educated the children. The children expressed their concern to Lilac because they didn't want anyone to get hurt. Lilac assured them that in the end, everything would be okay. She invited the children to stir the potion and they did without hesitation.

Lilac and the small witches chanted a spell. It was short, but bold. The children joined in as well. Now, all they had to do was wait.

While they waited, Lilac, persuaded by Ella, decided to tell the children the entire truth.
On the Eve of Halloween, adults don't just get their imaginations restored. Chosen parents and children receive the power of magic and are assigned a virtue like the rest of the witches have. "The choice is random and this year, you are the chosen children," Ella revealed to them." The children had looks of terror in their eyes but Lilac calmed them by letting them know this was a wonderful gift, not a curse or a punishment.

"While we're waiting, why don't we assign you virtues. "Lilly, you are the Witch of Beauty. You help others see the beauty in all things as well as their inner and outer selves. Lisa, you are the Witch of Creativity. You help people release their inner artists. "Louis, You are the Wizard of Forbearance. You will help others to see the joy in life no matter how difficult their struggles may be. Luke, you are the wizard of strength. You help people to realize that they are stronger than they think."

The final step to becoming witches and wizards is to drink this black and orange potion. It's called "Magic." "All you need is a sip." She handed the bottle to Lilly first and each of the siblings took a sip. They felt a powerful chill all over their bodies and then, a strong sense of warmth.

All of a sudden a noise came out of nowhere! The parents had arrived. They banged on the door. Lilac once again made her way down the spiral stairs and over to the front door. She answered. The parents demanded to know who she was. She told them her name. They asked her why she was there and she said she was there to share her knowledge and create magic. The parents were not impressed with that answer. They began throwing eggs and garlic at her. They also tried to throw water on her because they thought she would melt. Lilac found that particularly funny because water having the ability to melt witches is just an old folklore. Nothing more than a ridiculous myth. The children heard all of the commotion and ran down to the living room to see what was going on. They found their parents, along with the rest of the residents from town covered in eggs and garlic. Lilac's spell had worked and the parents were too shocked and fearful to use any of the other items they had bought earlier at the grocery store.

The siblings ran back upstairs before their parents could see them. Lilac invited everyone inside and even though they were petrified, they stepped inside anyway.
Lilac lead them upstairs, where all of the children were. The four siblings saw their parents. Their parents demanded to know what was going on. They explained that Lilac was a good witch but the parents were still suspicious. Lilac whispered to the children that they would have to wait until the eve of Halloween before the parents shared any enthusiasm for a witch!

For more, read part 4. (The final part.)

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