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Sunday, October 14, 2012

So, this last week was very trying for me. I had a very serious crisis and it rattled my cage... And you know what I came to realize?

That out of all the people I know...

and all the family I have (which is extensive)

and all the people I've been there for when they needed me....

ONE person was there to catch me when I fell. ONE person...

and it wasn't my sister...

and it wasn't my mom...

and it wasn't anyone that most would expect...

It was my friend Christopher.

He's been a buddy for some time... and we've had a very casual friendship over the last couple years... but when he needed someone a few months ago... I was his one.

He wrapped me up in his arms and petted my hair and let me sob on his chest for 6 hours straight... then I fell asleep and he carried me to his bed and tucked me in.

The next night, I did it again.

He would send me periodic texts throughout the day while I was at work reminding me that I've been thru worse and that I'm tough and I can make it... and everything will be fine.

This man has unwavering faith in me...
and he always believes in me even when I can't.
and he knows beyond the shadow of a doubt that there's nothing I can't do... even when I tell him that's not the case...
and he promised to always be there for me and he always has...
and he's my best friend.... and I love him to pieces... and I have needed someone like that in my life for a long time.

It's so nice to have someone to help me brush off and press on when I just want to reduce to dust and blow away in the wind.

For this type of friendship and caring is rare....

My very own sister was nowhere to be found.
and the matter was regarding her own niece.... my youngest daughter.

(and she's safe and sound now by the way)

I feel as though I should be angry toward all the people who claim to be there for me but were absent when I needed them.

But I'm not.

I will let karma do the work...

My karma was good and therefore everything worked out in the end and I got a new perspective on things and people near me.

From this point forward, I will set the boundary that I will only cater to those that cater to me.

From this point forward:

You be nice to me, I'll be nice to you.
If you love me, I will love you back.
If you ignore me when I need you, I will do the same for you.
If you don't respect me, you will lose me.

Simple as that.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • _JULEE_
    This is awesome! I recently had a 'friend' show me that she really wasn't.

    1915 days ago
  • MARTY728
    Wow, great blog! I have been gone for a while, but am back. I always enjoyed your blogs, so I will have to catch-up! emoticon
    1987 days ago
    Wise words, and there's a lesson here that I am still learning. It's tough to learn that those we thought closest to us are nowhere to be seen when we are need.
    2012 days ago
    I am glad that you have somebody like that. I used to have that in my best friend who also happens to be male. Our lives have drifted apart. That is par for the course here though. I'm just glad you have somebody. I'm glad everything turned out okay. I hope you are able to keep that level of friendship and trust. Thinking about you my friend.
    2013 days ago
    I understand where you are coming from. It hurts when you find you can't count on the people you thought you could.
    But, maybe they didn't know you needed support. Maybe they were tied up in crisis of their own and were wondering where you were. The people in our lives aren't mindreaders, much as that would make life sometimes easier.
    I'm just saying, don't be so harsh. I generally give people a second chance to come to my aid, after I am sure I let them know I needed help. If they don't help after the second request, then I limit time with them.
    2014 days ago
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