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Friday, October 12, 2012

I am officially hitting the reset button. The past few weeks I've just been kind of meandering along. Not necessarily doing awful (although some meal choices were admittedly awful), but not really giving things my all. I've been stressed about life and so I've been slacking. I haven't been working out regularly enough. Twice in the past month I've gone an entire week without working out. Not good. Basically, because I was feeling stressed I haven't wanted to workout or eat right. At the same time I'm well aware that when I eat poorly and don't workout I feel worse. It's a vicious cycle. There's never a perfect time or a perfect life that's suddenly going to make me want to do the right things every day, I just need to do it. Plus I want to finally start making strides toward my goal again. I'm not trying to reach a perfect body or a perfect weight, but I want to get strong and healthy and lower my body fat. Right now my body is not where it's meant to be.

So, I made some big decisions. I need structure. I need to not allow myself to get off track. And for me, that means making it easy. I put together a daily eating plan. I'll be eating 5 times a day, every two to three hours. This is not foreign to me. I've pretty much been doing this, but now I'm going to do it day in and day out. I'm going to be eating the same thing every day. The less I have to think/worry about, the easier it'll be to stick with it. Plus I know I'll be getting all the nutrients my body needs. At the end of the day I won't be scrambling trying to figure out what I should eat because I haven't had enough protein or carbs for the day.

Another thing is no more planned cheat meals. Before, Friday would roll around and I'd decide I was going to give into my cravings. I would pick up a donut for breakfast, then for lunch I'd get a creamy tomato bisque and a mayonnaisey chicken salad sandwich, then dinner might be yet another cheat meal. Then friends would ask me to meet them for dinner and drinks. And I'd have ANOTHER cheat meal. I think you see what I'm getting at. It would just snowball. A cheat day would turn into a cheat weekend. No more. My new plan is to have no more planned cheat meals. What I mean by this is that I will not go grab a donut or soup and a sandwich by myself. However, if my friends want to meet for dinner, then I will have a cheat meal. I'll still do my best to make healthier choices and keep my portions in check, but I'm not willing to give up the bonding time I get with friends from outings like this. I never go out with my friends more than once a week, so this shouldn't cause me any problems. Some weeks we don't go out at all, so this won't derail me.

Alcohol is another issue. I haven't made any big decisions on this. Typically I go out once or twice a week to have drinks with friends. I enjoy this time and I'm not ready to completely cut this out. I'm hoping that by being more strict with my food that the nights out here and there won't hold me back. I'm planning to try and make good choices (vodka sodas rather than high calorie beer) and to ease back on the quantity and see where I end up. If I'm still not making much progress, even with clean eating 95% of the time, then I won't have a choice but to cut out the alcohol. It is important to me that I reach my goals. I'm trying to find a balance and hopefully I'll finally really figure out what the right balance is for me, in the near future.

The other thing I've done is I've made a schedule. It's SO easy to put things off when you're not working. It's this constant thought of "I'll do it later". Then later rolls around and I still haven't done the things I want to do and it switches to "I'll do it tomorrow". There's no sense of urgency for anything. Nothing HAS to be done. It's completely up to me whether or not I choose to do something and it's so easy to put things off. Then the dishes pile up and I haven't worked out for days (or a week) and things just get off track. I don't want to do that anymore. I want to take care of my home and myself. I want to end each day feeling I have accomplished everything (or at least most things) I wanted to that day. I made a cleaning schedule a few months back and I'm going to get it out again and stick with it. In my daily schedule I've blocked off time for meals, the gym, job applications and/or phone calls about jobs, walking my dogs, cleaning and reading. Handling these things every day and following a schedule will just help to keep me focused and keep me feeling positive. Plus regular walks for my dogs?? That benefits me and them. A brisk walk gets my off my butt and moving and they get to get out of the house/yard and explore. It's a win/win.

For exercise I will still be following the LiveFit program. I'm in Phase 2. I'm going to finish off the last week and then move onto Phase 3 and just continue to follow this exercise plan. I've learned a lot from this program in terms of strength training exercises and how it has changed my body. I am much stronger, but haven't lost much fat due to my eating not being on track. So I'm going to finish out the program and learn everything I can from it. After that, I'm planning to make up my own program. Working out 6 days a week isn't something I think I can do long-term. So, after I complete the program I'm going to put together a new plan. I'll workout 4-5 days a week. I'll pick out strength training exercises for each body part and doing that along with cardio on my workout days and every 4 weeks I'll switch things up and pick out new exercises.

So there it is. This is where I'm at and this is my plan. I'm looking forward to following it and hopefully things in my life will start to fall together.
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    What a powerful, take control post! It's an awesome game plan. I still have a treat meal probably once a week. With me a treat day just wouldn't work or I fear losing control of it. Am finding I am going back to even choosing relatively clean cheat meals. End up feeling kind of blah if I don't and it feeds my desire for some of that stuff. Kind of frustrating because when I wasn't eating the stuff before I really didn't miss it.

    WTG on making it to Phase 3. It's a blast and kicks your butt. You will feel such a great sense of accomplishment:)

    I'm with ya getting more routines in place. Although I don't want to be obsessive, I need a little more to help work on balancing all the daily stuff.

    Woohoo on the new plan! You can do it!!!
    2075 days ago
    Sounds like a good reboot and just in general life plan!! I to struggle with a "cheat day" on Friday's. Then is so easily spirals into the whole weekend. I am thinking I might do what you do and just cut that out!! I know you can accomplish this stuff!! You've already come so far!!

    2077 days ago
    A schedule sounds like a great idea!
    Just started Phase 3 and its a butt-kicker, but can't tell you how amazing it feels to get through the workouts.
    I hear you on the alcohol-- still having a hard time cutting that out when I got out to be social. at a conference last week, out with the 1st Wives Club this week, then another buddy, birthday bash tomorrow... fundraisers and mixers next week and the list goes on. I might try to make November a no-tolerance, no drink month.
    I definitely can tell the difference in results. my stomach isn't getting tight at all like last time. smaller, but no more definition. its gotta be the liquor because I'm eating rather cleanly other than that.
    Definitely will be cutting down to 4 days a week after the program... trying to decide how to combine muscle groups to do this effectively. I will want to focus on Legs and Back (and Abs) the most. My shoulders already seem wayyy ahead of the other muscle group.
    Anyway, Good luck with the new routine.
    2077 days ago
  • NANDA82
    I think making a schedule will definitely make your life easier and help you get back on track. Cutting back on the cheat meals another great idea that will make a huge difference.

    I really wanna try the LiveFit program when I reach maintenance mode. Do you use all the supplements? How hard is it to stick to the program?

    Have a great weekend!
    emoticon emoticon
    2077 days ago
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