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Friday, October 12, 2012

Dear SP emoticon

I am so glad I signed up to this site.
It is such a great companion in my journey.
I always find guidance whether happy or sad and for that I am truly grateful to Sparkpeople.

My weightloss has been great lately, although I feel rather tired every now and again. So I incorporated some vitamins in the morning to give me a boost. I feel a little better already.

This week, my personal trainer has left me by myself to train. I did it once, it went better than I thought. I also joined a yoga (hot yoga) class and I have been going twice.

I discovered how important it is to listen to my body. Right now, I know it needs a little rest. So tomorrow I will spend morning at the gym (may be) then the afternoon at the park with my friends.

To motivate myself I prepare my gym bag the night before take it work/shopping so I cannot escape the gym on the way home.

I also lowered my carbs (white bread, pasta, rice) this week. I only had rye bread last night and oats every morning. When I cut carbs I tend to lose weight faster. emoticon

People have warned me about the danger of cutting carbs drastically. They say when I will re-introduce it to my diet I will gain weight. May be. But I still believe it is about finding the balance. Choosing the healthier carbs, controlling the amount but most importantly exercising.

Well that is my feedback for now.
I cannot wait to get to my goal weight even though it'll be awhile until then.
At this pace I feel a little more confident.

Kisses SPeople
Thank you for your inspiring stories


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