Frustrated! (but still keeping positive)

Friday, October 12, 2012

WARNING- I rant a little bit about things going on but still try to keep a positive out look on whats going on and happening! Love all you Sparkfriends!!!!
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    Oh, and my husband said that if the check engine light isn't flashing its nothing to be too worried about--- at least its not an urgent matter and you can still drive just fine. If its a GM car, it could be that the gas cap is loose. Tighten it, let it click and drive it for a few days and see if it goes off by itself. He just doesnt like seeing people spending alot of money on something that is so simple and easily fixable. (He used to be a service advisor at a dealer) :)

    3027 days ago
    Sometimes you just need to vent to get those negative feelings out... and good for you for working out extra to make up for that McD's! :) You go girl! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

    Kyrsten Marie
    3027 days ago
    Hey, I love your blog, and the rant is needed. We all need to rant about things, it's better to get them out than to feast on them. OH! And car renting can be a "B". It's a lot of RED TAPE. It's crazy....

    You had a good day! It's hard. To see the good in the day, but as long as your body is moving, you are doing great. I say, you earned that Mc'Ds treat. That's how I feel. And the salad was great. You'll get in front of better choices next time, but to me you did great.
    3027 days ago
  • CLH722
    Good job for staying positive and not beating yourself up over a minor slip. Trust me, girl, we all have them. Life is just one slip up after another - lol! What helps me is to not look at my battle on a daily basis but on a weekly basis. If you are in your calorie range and eating healthy 5-6 days a week and you slip up for one meal or one day of going over your calories, it usually doesn't make that much of a difference at the end of a week.

    I'm super impressed that you are committed enough to work out at 11pm! Man, if I haven't worked out before dinner rolls around, I have a REALLY hard time motivating myself to do it. It's usually the first thing I do during the day just to get it out of the way. That's the ONE perk of being unemployed right now (and not having any little ones to look after). I know it will be much more of a challenge when I'm back to work (which after a job interview today could be in the next 2 weeks - fingers crossed!)

    Have a great weekend if I don't comment again before that!

    emoticon emoticon
    3028 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12869499
    Hey this was great -- thanks for sharing! I didn't even realize you could do a video blog like this. I used to live in sacramento -- great place!

    It sounds like you are doing great. Whenever I have a slip-up like you were talking about, I try to think more about how "before" that slip-up was probably more like normal. This time around, I've been looking at the bigger picture -- long term healthy eating habits and exercise habits. It's a much nicer way to focus on the good changes I've made, rather than the occasional slip-ups.

    3028 days ago
    I enjoy the way you really put yourself out there on your blogs. It makes them personal
    and provides me with a sense of having another with me on this path.
    The changes we are trying to make are for a lifetime. Not every day goes as we would like. As you expressed in your comments there are mixtures of choices. Not every choice we make is the best, but never underestimate the good ones-don't forget to celebrate. Every minute provides opportunity for new ones. You made some good choices, mixed with others you would do differently in other circumstances. We just do the best with what we have.
    The other thing is always know that most things aren't as easy as they should be. Sometimes it is surprising when they do work. However, it is getting through the challenges which makes us strong. Always read the fine print, no matter what the source.
    You don't need to work all extra calories off in one session. Enjoy your workout, and spread them out, and as you make those better choices you will balance.
    Sorry for the length.
    Best wishes as you continue your journey to your chosen life goals. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3028 days ago
    Its ok to have once a while off day. And you are absolutely right for understanding that there is not point in feeling guilty. There always next day. As long we are not making a habit to do it too often. And having support from Spark friends. It does help. It makes me feel more motivated too!
    3028 days ago
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