Who knew?!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Okay. Sooo if you've read my profile, or chances are if I've left you a comment on your page (probably trying to get you to try Zumba for yourself), you probably know by now that Zumba rocks my world. Like, hardcore. In fact, chances are, if I'm at the gym, I'm probably in a Zumba class sweating like mad. Seriously. I love me some Zumba. You get the picture.

I said in my last blog that October was my month for a clean slate and 11 days in, I can say that I've been eating well, drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, taking my vitamins, and being active for at least 5x/week. Yay!

Today was a special day though. Why was it a special day? Because today, because of another blogger :coughLOLATURTLEcough:, I was motivated to get my butt on a treadmill and see just how long I could jog for. Let me just preface this by saying that I remember at some point earlier this year I was able to jog on a treadmill non-stop for I believe 13-14 minutes. This was, up until today, the longest I had ever jogged for. Lately, if I'm on a treadmill, I usually play with the incline and keep it fairly steady at 3.5 or if I do interval training, I keep it a 0 incline and vascillate between walking at 3.5 or jogging for 1-3 minutes at 5.0-5.5. That's pretty much it. I hadn't tried jogging nonstop though.

But then.


I read her blog, drove to the gym, and got my butt on a treadmill. Because she motivated and inspired me-as well as made me curious to see what I could do, I jogged 35 freakin minutes at 4.4mph. I walked for five minutes before and after, but O. M. G. There was no voice saying "Yes" or "Faster" like she experienced-and I definitely kept telling myself to "just keep going", "steady", "focus", "three more minutes", etc. But the point is: I did it. I stepped off the treadmill with jelly-legs, wondering "How long have I been able to do this?" and I may not have known I could if it wasn't for her. Now that I do though, my new goal is to be able to jog for 50 minutes at 4.4mph. Eventually. And to then up my speed.

But who knew?!

Seriously, if I can do this at 280.2lbs, who knows what I'll be able to do after a 30lb/50lb/100lb weight loss? The possibilities are so exciting! And I've learned that sometimes I need to get out of my comfort zone, aka Zumba class, and push myself to see just how hard/far I can go. Growth is an amazing thing. And how awesome to be so inspired by your pages and blogs and successes that I strive to be a better me and to push myself. Thank you so much!!! What a gift. =)
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    4.4mph! You speed demon!! How do you do that??? hahaha! My personal best (until this week, muahahaha) is 32 minutes at 4.0mph!


    I think for the rest of the EVER, you need to introduce yourself like so:

    "Hi, I'm Jen, and I'm AMAZING."

    I am dancing for you right now, you are AWESOME!!!!!

    2074 days ago
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