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Thursday, October 11, 2012

1) Woudn't it be great, fantastic, unbelievable IF every USA citizen would get behind which ever man gets elected in November whether they voted for him or not? Even if just for one year?? WOW! (Actually I am too cynical and jaded to believe it will ever happen but it is a nice dream!)

2) I LOVE the Chanel ad with Charlize Theron--what a beautiful woman!

3) Anyone who works full time and blogs and comments and does weekly chores and daily chores has to be very well organized or doing it on the job. I am retired and running out of hours every day and am pretty well organized. I know I have to cut back on commenting and subscribing to so many blogs.

4) A blogger wrote "Let the women do a women's job"--nice to know there are still male chauvinist pigs around. By the way he is a 'christian' if that means anything.

5) Why do women and girls on blogs have to be so vulgar and use street words?

6) We always state what we would do in certain circumstances but we will never know for sure until we are faced with them.

7) Living among old people can be very depressing---we lost Barry the other day--an exterminator found him lying on the floor--hope he went without any pain.

8) I get very hot under the collar when people put Gays down and tell fat people how to lose weight when they don't have the experience, knowledge or did whatever they are 'pushing'.

9) An interesting site--don't know if it is available where you are but check it out-

10) I just got blocked at one site because I called someone out on their 'facts' and they couldn't/wouldn't answer. Why do people post things they won't ahow where they got their 'facts' from? Most times they are repeating, accepting whatever someone says.

11) Okay men, cross your legs on this one--male sex hormones (testosterone) decrease the life span of men--get castrated and you can add up to 20 years to your life--make a decision--sex or life? Personally to me life without sex isn't living!

12) If pro Obama stay away from Home Depot and go to Lowes--the founder of HD is doing an anti-Obama ad for The Jewish Republicans (mmmm--is that the same as a Gay Republican?) Coalition here in Florida.

13) Quote from Felix Salmon in

"It's notable that [most] of the 0.01 percent moaning about Obama are financiers of one stripe or another. Most billionaires are not financiers--you don't see Mark Zuckerberg or Mike Bloomberg or Larry page kvetching about how Obama hates them. Financiers are the among the most alpha of all billionaires, the most aggressive, the most attuned to the idea that no matter how rich you are, if you're not making money then you are losing. And from a purely tactical perspective it makes all the sense in the world for them to go on the offensive against Obama. After all, they might have it good now, but they would have it even better under Romney."

14) For a sneak preview of my "Rock of Ages" review go to:

http://broadwayshowbiz .com /broadway /broadway-news /florida-tours /945-rock-of-ages-tour

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    1) Yes, and me too.
    2) Truly gorgeous.
    3) I couldn't agree more!
    4) I don't have the energy to try and understand people like that. And I have realized that some people's Christians are reading a very different Bible than I did when I grew up.
    5) Because we can. ;)
    6) Too true.
    7) I'm so sorry to hear -- my Mom lives in a retirement community, and although there are lots of activities and clubs there definitely seems to be that pervasive "who's next?" atmosphere.
    8) I so agree.
    9) I looked for 2 insurance plans -- one for my granddaughter and one for myself -- and neither were listed, so I quit looking.
    10)Which site?! With the amount of rude stuff people write it is unbelievable that you would be blocked for asking for proof!
    11) I had heard about that, but I saw a documentary about people who kept their calorie counts very, very low. Supposedly they were tired and lethargic and lost their sex drives. It added a few years to their lives, so they were committed to the lifestyle. I can't imagine why someone would want to live longer like that!
    12) You can't imagine how much I appreciate that little piece of info!
    13) I think I'm going to enjoy following him -- thanks for introducing me to his writing!
    14) Looks like fun -- guess I'll be missing it this time around.

    Thanks for making me think a little this am!!

    2017 days ago
    Thank you for sharing
    2018 days ago
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