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Overcoming pain

Thursday, October 11, 2012

I'm better, luckily. (Except right now my teeth are pretty sore but I forgot to take my Motrins so I guess it's normal XD)

So since last weekend I've been exercising more and trying to stick to my schedule. It's going very well. Not doing as much cardio as I'd like but I hate feeling my heartbeat right in my gum..! The only thing I've skipped so far is Monday night jogging because I ate supper way too late for a jog. That, and my last jog kind of traumatized me XD because my mouth was so sore and I was out of breathe so quickly. But I'll run tomorrow night for sure.

I've also modified one of my goals which was walking 30 minutes 4 times a week. With everything else going on I wasn't able to reach this goal, and not only because of my surgery - I plain don't have time for walks. So I changed it for 5 times a week, 15 minutes walking, which I'm doing at lunch time at work if the weather is okay, and making up either in the evening or on weekends when I skip, which I did today for the first time this week. I feel so much better after only changing this goal - proof that I may be stressing myself too much over my streaks...

My face isn't swollen anymore, or at least I feel normal again when I look at a mirror. There's still pain when I wake up, and right now because of lack of medicine (and food stuck in the holes) but it's generally bearable. As I said I can't do intensive cardio. Yesterday's zumba class was hard because of that..! Our regular teacher is in France for two weeks so there was a substitute... A GUY!!!!!! At first I was kind of nervous that a man would be giving zumba class but it was so much fun! He's got so much energy. It was my best zumba class so far, despite the pain in my mouth :D so YAY.

I'm kinda sad though because the friend I used to go to zumba with hasn't come in 3 weeks... she always has schoolwork or projects going on or whatever so I don't see her anymore. So I'm kinda alone there, but I don't really mind. I find most of the other attendees annoying XD

What else is new... ah well I got a new gym program. I met with my coach Tuesday morning and I FINALLY got a new program. We'd been postponing that for two meetings because I wasn't attending quite enough :P but I'm happy I got a new one even though it's really hard. It's also very long, and I'm kinda tight on time... but trying to relax and I'll find a way to manage my time in the morning better. Because right now I get up at 5:30, drink my smoothie, go to the gym for 6, I'm there at least an hour, then I have to walk back home (about 5 minutes), shower, eat breakfast, get prepared and leave for my job at 8:10. And I really don't like being in a rush for breakfast! But I'll find a way with my coach.

I also had another meeting with the nutritionist on Tuesday night. My coach suggested I get at least one when I started Transform 3 weeks ago, so I got a first one. It was helpful because she gave me a meal plan, but one that I'm able to follow. I really can't work my way around with meal plans that have you count calories and nutrients because what I eat isn't easy to track: it's a LOT of vegetables mixed with a lot of everything else and it's really hard to estimate how much of everything I have. I tried tracking a little when I joined Spark in Spring but it took all my free time!
So the meal plan works with portions. Every day, I have to eat 6 portions of feculents (starch? I don't know if that's the right translation hahaha), 2 portions of fruits, 3 portions of "milk" (I call it calcium because the only thing I get from this group is soy beverage), 3 portions of "meat" (I call it proteins) and 2 portions of added fat/added sugar (desserts, peanut butter, oil...). Veggies are unlimited (except potatoes, sweet potatoes and fresh corn which are part of feculents.) I have a portion guide and I made my own on the computer with the food I eat the most. I'll print it and put it on the fridge as a guide. It's pretty easy to follow and I really know where I'm going with this. I'm also hoping I'll start losing weight again with this plan, because fitness-wise I'm already doing a lot!

So based on this plan I discovered I don't eat enough feculents. Most of my carbs came from fruits, which I ate a LOT. I should favor vegetables instead. As for calcium and proteins it's going to stay pretty much the same, and obviously I have to lower added fat and sugar. I wasn't having a problem with that until my surgery where I started eating mindlessly -_- I ate half a pack of cookies last weekend...

So my meal plan is almost complete. I have to explain it to my boyfriend (who's cooking half my meals). I also want to start planning meals ahead like we used to do. We had a white board on the fridge where we wrote the menu of the week and every meal we had planned, and we bought our groceries accordingly. Right now we're just buying whatever and making up meals with that, which is sometimes disastrous. But the most annoying part is that I'm ALWAYS eating the same thing over and over again! Which is a mishmash of veggies with some carbs and proteins, cooked on the stovetop, with barely any flavor. Ugh.

The nutritionist gave me a few links for vegan recipes (in French because I always have trouble following recipes in English) and she also gave me ideas. I'll try to explore Morroccan cooking, as well as Indian food more (aka out of the overdone classics). I want to cook again and enjoy it instead of relying on my boyfriend all the time..!

That's pretty much it :) so I'm doing much better now. Taking it one day at a time, doing my best and enjoying the results!
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  • DS9KIE
    glad your feeling better
    2078 days ago
    Glad to see you are feeling better! Glad you are finding your rythm

    keep it up you are doing great!
    2079 days ago
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