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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Yesterday I had a discussion with Hamish that upset me so much... I binged ate on:
2 biscuits, 1 mini snickers and 30 chocolate pebbles aka: 280 calories. I attempted to train myself to use the exercise bike when stressed instead.. but.. for the first time in ever? I felt guilt at eating this much... yet in the scale of my historic binges, it was a small one. Its just that I had preplanned my meals and cookies were not on the list! lol. The guilt was an entirely new and WELCOME feeling :)

It's VERY easy to track with my new 4X 750ml Water bottle system (each bottle being 3 glasses) anddddd Yesterday I had 7.5 glasses of water. Not nearly enough for the physical activity I did! Tsk tsk kitty - I was actually dizzy and queasy when I got home from lack of h20 I think.

My nutritionist was looking at the snacking going on in my little note book.. and she said... You exercise nearly every day right? and I said yes.. and she said... why would you undo all your good work like that... A good and valid point :) I think that's what lead into my initial reaction.. Infact after I did eat 230 calories, I worked of 100 calories on the exercise bike :)

"The Triathlon Training Club"
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
They don't have an official name actually, but I'm going to call it Triathlon Club from now on.. cos that's exactly what they do.. Cycling, Swimming, Running, Drills, Walking, Flexibility, (some do Marathons etc)
- I was *SO* nervous going along last night.. I got Kelvin to drop me off cos I was scared I'd be late... perhaps just scared full stop.. got him to walk me most of the way but not all of the way.. kind of like a kid's first day to school..

I was worried about my weight.. what i was wearing.. etc.. I expected about 60 women to be there.. .what WAS there was about 25 women and maybe 3 men. There were other groups of 60 or so doing BOOTCAMP style stuff that Floss and I do on a sunday and I kinda thought.. why do you need to be in a big group for that? You can do it on your own really... (if one is driven enough to do burpees and star jumps on the grass) lol. The park was FILLED with people doing sport. .hundreds and hundreds.. and I was happy to be a part of it all :)

What I didn't expect was that back in my safe little running group... they'd been training EVERY DAY.. for the last SEVEN YEARS. What???
I thought it was just a one off group for the upcoming triathlons.. but it turns out it's run by Barb.. a personal trainer.. who even sets up a few of the events eg triathlons/ marathons herself.
I joined the walking group 6 of us walked 5kms.. and I found out a LOT.
- Some are only new members.. some drop away and come back.. some are lifers
- Many have had injury.. if not, every person i spoke to
- The women go away to Hamner Springs in August for a weekend of mountain biking
- If you do a race on a Sunday.. you're only allowed to walk on a Monday lol (If I did a marathon on a Sunday I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be showing up for two days after?)
- They have a coffee/ social hour after each event.. While most of the events are free - that's where the money would stack up lol.
- Barb does alot of this as volunteer work.. oh and she's starting a beginners swimming club next Thursday
- I have three weeks to learn how to swim. hahahaha.. I might have to start with the duathlon instead.
- Which means I have three weeks to buy a new bike and learn to swim
- I am interested in going to it every day.
- As they go every day, they have an outfit for each activity and each day, eg their running outfit, their cycling etc etc. So they can do their washing at the end of the week - Organised!

It feels like home to me? Like I can be a part of something.. :D

I remember my last blog "just me and the finish line" .. perhaps that's all wrong and I was just lacking the correct support... This team is so supportive.. (rather a lot like spark) hehe

They *ALL* did the pegasus fun run.. I told them I was dressed up as a cat and people recognised me that way hahah cute... but yeah.... There is a rule of triathlon club... "Don't leave anyone behind" I couldn't keep the pace of the other walkers (Jill had a new knee replacement.. and she was hobbling along so fast it was kicking my ass) - Jane stayed back with me and the other two who walked ahead, but would turn back around every now and then to walk back to us and catch up...

O M G. 1)I'm sorry im unfit. .(Walking 5km in 50 mins must be unfit in that group haha

but 2) THANK YOU! thank you!!! emoticon That felt wonderful!!!!!

I went running around looking for bikes yesterday emoticon
Kmart 150$ for a Mtb/Roadbike cross (thin tyres slightly lighter weight)
The Warehouse 229/184$ for a Mtb, decent gears on it
Smith City 2229 for a road bike.. I nearly cried.
Re-Cycle Again: 900 for a second hand road bike
Trademe: 500 for road bike, with 97 bids (meaning it will shoot up over 800) by the time the auction closes
Did I mention I have 0$ for a bike? lol. So generally their worth (second hand) is 500 to 800..
I was hoping to spend like 100...I guess I will just keep right on hoping lol.

I asked Jane what her favourite work out is and she said it used to be swimming, but now it's running and biking cos she gets success in those areas. Interesting a?

- Happy Kitty (5:45am - 7:09am).

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