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'Nother Day...

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Just another day, another dollar :) It's I guess a good day. Kinda gloomy out. I miss the sunshine of summer. My mother (whom I work with) drives me crazy sometimes with her constant snacking on pistachios. Just sayin'. I don't know if it's her trying to "be quiet with random chomps" so no one hears you thing, or if it's the shells randomly falling in the trash bin. Yesterday - it went on for two hours. I know I know, tone it out, but it's seriously one of my biggest pet peeves. (Quiet then all the sudden you hear people chewing on gravel)

But anyway, I had enough of that and I went to Walmart. Ugh I was afraid of the bill, I swear you can never go in there spending less than 80 dollars. You could go in there for just a tomato or toothpaste, and you end up buying 80 dollars of something else. LOL. Considering, I did need toothpaste, foundation, dog food, a new softball glove, and fill my fridge with HEALTHY food ... I only spent about 130. Oh and I bought a new sports bra. It's bright pink. Me gusta mucho. I also ran into my friend Zach, who's birthday it was yesterday. So sat there and talked with him for about a half hour. ((Since I deleted my FB, I feel so out of touch with the world)) LOLS!! But let me tell you, it's really nice.

I didn't eat anything yesterday ... I just kept drinking water. Sucks being broke sometimes! LOL And really, to be perfectly honest. I don't think I can handle the eating 5-6 times a day. I tried it, and I think it made me feel worse about myself. 1.) because it felt like it was all I was doing. and 2.) growing up, it was always just eat when you're hungry. and 3.) I don't think my metabolism could get ANY slower!! LOL Now I know I'm probably so wrong in this area, but I'm just going to try this out (for now) and eat a small breakfast lunch and hearty dinner. I mean yeah, if I want to snack, I'm obviously going to... ((NOT ON PISTACHIOS THOUGH - SORRY SHE"S DRIVING ME NUTS ... It's been over 40 mins now! GAAAH ) Anyway, yeah, that's all I got about that. Distracted like a mudda fudda.

Last night for dinner I made some chicken (sliced pretty thin) in olive oil with garlic and pepper, little salt (could probably have done without) with a small glass of 1% milk, and a banana. And, and, ANNNNDDDDD, i'm super proud of myself on this one... I ate it on a small plate and stopped once I was done. :)

After my workout (zumba and insanity/cardio recovery) I had a strawberry shortcake light fat free yogurt (which is now only 90 calories!!) and it's my favorite flavor from Yoplait because it is my "go-to" for when I crave a DQ Strawberry CheeseQuake blizzard. After that, being 'bored' watching tv, I bought the most yummiest apples so I decided to have one. Honeycrisps are my FAVORITE!!! Ermagerd!!

This morning for breakfast, I had another quick sliver of chicken breast, and a banana (weird combo I know, but it was good) ... and for lunch, I brought an apple (seriously YAY ...!!!) Dinner plans are to cut up the rest of that chicken breast and put it on a salad with light dressing (maybe even make my own) ... :)

And well, the scale still hates me. And the feeling is definitely mutual. Hoping that with me starting to focus on eating healthier I will start to see that lil pecker go down a little more.

I think that'll do for today's update! Hope ya'll have an awesome day!!! :)

OH AND HEY JUST AN UPDATE ... my mother is still eating pistachios.... OH MY GERRRRRDDDD~~LKJH*($&%(&^@#%*I
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  • CHERBEAR7997
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    I know how hard it is to loose weight, I've been working on it for the last yr and a half. One think I've learned is if you aren't getting the right amount of calories consumed vs. burned your body will go into starvation mode, this is never good for weight loss. I've been in a place where I thought I had to stick right at the 1200 mark and I worked my butt off with Jillian's workouts. I just wasn't getting anywhere until I started really focusing on what the calorie food tracker told me I needed to consume for the number of calories I was burning. I was so happy to get my heart rate monitor, once I did things really started to work out better and I'm in control of loosing what I want. Do you know how many calories you are consuming per day? I'm sure you are, but if you aren't getting at least 1200 calories (depending on how many you are burning) can cause you not to loose any weight. I wish you lots of luck with your weight loss journey. If you would like any type of motivation or just a Spark buddy, I'd be more than happy to be one!!!
    2021 days ago
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