"Don't be mad at the results you don't get by the work you didn't do."

Thursday, October 11, 2012

This quote could not have come at a better time for me, nor could it have come from a better person. My friend Paul, who lives in Houston where we grew up, is a crazy awesome, successful man and had just always been no nonsense. He knew me when I was skinny, saw me through a heart breaking break up, always "appeared" at the right times there after when I needed a reminder of who I really was, and was one of a handful of friends from my Houston life who made the trek up for my wedding and was nothing but supportive. I have always been able to depend on him and I am not shocked that after not having seen much activity from him on FB in a while that yet again when I needed a kick in the ass, he shows up swinging. Granted, it was not directed at me, nor does he know anything about my current struggles. He does have eyes however and saw me at my weddig where I weighed in at 183; I weighed this morning and was a lovely 184.5 :( I have gained 10 pounds in just over a month and it is becacuse that is the work i have done. i have not worked out, i have eaten anything and everything, and those are the results i have gotten.
So, to respect those amazing words, here i go again. I have adjusted the numbers on my lose it app so that I am down below 160 by the end of the year. I will then strive to be in the 140s come summer. I would love to be 125 by next xmas, though i would pay millions to stay at 150.
So what is the new plan? 1200 cals/day broken into as many as 12 mini meals. I like to eat, so i figure eating more often will keep me full and ahead of hunger and simply limiting cals for now is the best way to not feel deprived at this stage. I have bought about a weeks worth of foods: greek yogurt, bars, oatmeal, soups, and shakes which I want to be my main eats throughout the day. I do need to go to the store for a few other things tonight so i will pick up some emergeny snacks like 100 cal oacks of chips/cookies/popcorn, etc. just in case. i will still stock diet dp as it does help my hunger, but am really going to try to drink at least my 8 glasses of water. I guess i need a bottle i can carry around. I have def not been doing that lately. I probably have 10lbs of water on me right now, though that is wishful thinking.

My main issue is time management. I have so much to do! I have to wake up and get dressed which is not the routine it once was, i have pretty much cut it down to a 15 minute science but can get it done in 5 if needed, get the kids ready and out the door, drop off/pick up more kids and get them to school, and get to work. I leave work to tan (my naptime) and want to start running to and from the tannong salon to get some exercise in but that will cost me almost another hour of work and mean I need to pack a bag of clothes to take each day; it can be done. once I get home, i start laundry, dishes, general cleanup and dinner; hub is home by 5:30, we eat by 6, and are in front of the tv in time for 7 pm shows. Now, if this weren't the only time i get to see my husband, i would gladly cut out this tv time, but instead, i have to make the most of it. i have been doing jumping jacks during commercials, sets of 100, shooting for 10 sets a day. I can't get through one set wo stopping yet and have only made it to 5 sets, but if i can do 1000 a day, I can lose a pound a day, according to pinterest.
I have workouts printed and ready to go for everyday of the week if i can manage to get up in time, but after dinner is where it all falls apart. Ideally, kids are in tub at 7:30 and in bed by 8; we get busy and this doesn't happen or if it does, the little one is wide awake until midnight and i am up with her and can in no way wake up at 6 to workout. so, planning for the worst for now, i will continue to set my alarm for 6 and pray that one day i can make that work, but for now, jumping jacks and walk/runs to the tanning place are going to have to be enough.
I want to get the whole fam on a clean diet/paleo lifestyle by the end of next year, and part of my evaluation was to take one of the food items i have on my daily list and slowly start to clean them up. For instance, i tend to crave meaty cheesy things for breakfast, so egg whites and turkey sausage are def on the list, but i can easily do clean oatmeal, just a matter of time, and greek yogurt is already there, the soups i can easily make ahead and store, its the snacks and the main dishes and baked goods that will be hard to incorporate into the family. I am going to look it up now, but the main thing is this blog. If i can make it here everyday to take out my frustrations, i won't have to eat out my frustrations. :) here's to doing the work and getting the results!
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  • CRISSA1669
    LOVE LOVE LOVE that quote!!! Same idea as "you get out, what you put in" or "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail."!! I hope you don't mind me using that quote because it is right on time with how I am living my life........with accountability and without excuse. I think you've thought out A LOT of what you need to do....next step is doing it. I wish you the best on your journey!! :)
    2017 days ago
    i think you have really done a lot of thinking about how to improve your results. Keep up the great work! YOU CAN DO IT!
    2017 days ago
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