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Food and Me.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hiya! I'm a happy girl today.. it's so sunny and warrrrrmmmm (coming up summer here in NZ). the sun is flitting into the window onto my bare legs :) emoticon
I wanted to share a couple of things
Firstly, I am more of a facebook sorta person... and I decided to make a fitness page.. I share inspirational weight loss stuff - Stuff that inspires me and others :) So if you're into that... the link is:

Secondly, Food.
Ok I have been keeping a journal... Of what I eat, and when and WHY! lol.
I have noticed a couple correlations. (Devastation by a guy = McDonalds)
(Skipping a meal = Biscuits) Anyway..

I have been working with my nutritionist and designed some healthy snacks, for morning tea and afternoon tea... as well as some options for sugar cravings (eg a frozen mini snickers is just 43 calories, yay). And I noticed something odd...

Yesterday I ate at 8.30am 9am, 11.30am, 2pm.. Come 3 and 4pm I was starving! (Dinner is not till 6 or 7). This is odd for me, if I forget to eat breakfast , I am not hungry till maybe 2pm.. I couldn't wait until 6pm... so I ate 4 lite cruskits with cottage cheese and tomato on it (as the nutritionist advised) - not only was it yummy, felt good and high in protein, it was just, 100 calories for the lot! and then I ate EIGHT BISCUITS (456 calories) oh dear god! emoticon
They were not in the tracker (fruit digestives) so I had to add them myself, but Oh man.. the guilt I felt today when I found out their caloric load!

That being said.. I was only 150 calories over for the day, So not so bad (I skipped dinner in the end). But of course, it's the quality of what we eat, not the calories isn't it. So I plan to eat more nutritious things coming up :)

Hamish (guy I really like) and I had a chat last night about all this - he thinks "people" aren't honest with what they eat.. After that conversation I made sure to add the mizone water to the calorie tracker lol. (88 calories each). - which is now run out and will be regular water from here on out.

But yeah..... I have noticed... There is after eating dinner.. On every day that is somewhere around 1200 - 1500 calories I have been snacking.. aka CHEATING!! So maybe "people" have been cheating a bit.. and maybe that's why I'm not getting the results I desire. Why can't I just eat salad and be happy with that? :)

So what I'm wondering is..... Should I add an AFTERNOON TEA, after afternoon Tea.. like that 4pm time slot... OR! Should I wait for my meal times properly.. I'm going to give that a go today.. I had breakfast at 8... im HUNNNGRRYYY now (9.20am) and have to wait till 10 for an apple! Ugh!

Another thing that got me thinking was...
I have been on Spark for 5 Months exactly now... and I have lost nearly 3 kgs (5lbs) Which I actually am proud of it, tho there has been little changed physically, a lot emotionally has changed :)
I added my friend Tina to Spark and she lost the same amount of weight in a week
and my new flatmate/ 5 year long friend, Sara has lost TEN kgs, (that's 22 pounds) in 2 weeks of living with me and doing only 1/3 of what I do and eating crap. (fizzy drinks, crisps, I haven't seen her have dinner or veges or fruit or breakfast yet)
Kelvin was very supportive and said.... not to lose heart because she needed to lose the weight (shes 140kgs in total/ 308lb) and that it'll come off easily for her, As it should, that made me feel nice and changed my perspective. I'm happy for her to see changes :D

So, what does all that matter? I am not these other girls, nor any of these girls on Spark... If this REALLY mattered to me, I'd be doing Bootcamp every day .. on my own! and not snacking for emotional reasons! just ravenous hunger.. or even then.. NOT! grr!
It's all relative really. And at the end of the day.. it's really still just me.. my notebook (of what I eat) and how much I move.
Sulking about it and comparing myself isn't going to get me ANYWHERE.

So yeah... from now on.. it's just me and the finish line :) emoticon
And today I am going to make a list of all the races and triathlons and stuff that's in my area :)
So I can do them on my own :)

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    haha I was just thinking that CL, I did split my lunch up... and had it an hour and a bit apart :)
    I must be part rabbit! NOM NOM.. no no.. a nomasaurus :)
    2082 days ago
    Cute FB page :) You should split your meals up and be able to "munch" all day, in my opinion. That way, you can have something often and not feel the need to go overboard in the end, yes? :)

    You're getting there!
    2082 days ago
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