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Facing the Truth: Weight Gain

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I’ve gained weight and I really need to get back on track. This last year has been hard for me to maintain the healthy living lifestyle from having so many life-changes, the biggest being quitting my job and going back to school. But I feel like a broken record. I have been saying “I need to get back on track” over and over again for the last year also. But it really is time to face the truth. Time to look at my weight chart…

Weight Over the Last Year (FitBit)

Weight Since June 2009 (Joined Spark People)

And just to be super honest, I’m finally going to share my progress pictures that I took in August (2012).

Obviously what I’m doing now is not working and something needs to be done. I know what I need to do. But I have been finding too many excuses lately.

emoticon Excuse #1: My ankle hurts.
This excuse only works for running. It bothers me if I walk or run too much. Side to side movement is also a no go (Insanity, Zumba). But there are so many other things I can do. I can swim (if I would only join the school gym already!). I can try riding a stationary bike. I can weight lift. I can try other types of cardio like boxing. Lately, I’ve needed to concentrate on running for the marathon but in a week and a half, this excuse is invalid.

emoticon Excuse #2: I have no time.
I definitely have enough time for a 20 minute workout first thing in the morning. Sure, I often feel guilty for taking the time away from school work but I don’t feel bad taking the time to blog, watch tv, or just be lazy.

emoticon Excuse #3: I am too tired/I don’t feel well.
Ok, I really don’t feel right most of the time, it gets a little ridiculous sometimes. But we all know exercise makes us feel better right? Well, not for me, not always. But that’s no excuse either. Again, I could suffer through 20 minutes and call it a day. After a while, I’ll get used to working out regularly again.

Now that I know what my problems/excuses are, let’s fix them…

emoticon Solution #1: Reprioritize
I wrote a blog a few weeks ago on this topic but I think I was aiming a little too high. I need to reprioritize on a daily basis, not a monthly one. I need to make healthy living a daily priority. This statement almost scares me because I already do a lot of healthy things. But I really need to step it up a notch.

emoticon Solution #2: Plan
I have completely stopped planning. Meals are always thrown together last minute. Lunches are very poorly planned, leading to lots of take out (its salads but still, I could save the money too). The biggest part is the workouts for me. I really need a schedule of workouts, and not just “Strength Training” or “Cardio” on the calendar but more like “This Specific DVD/Workout/Routine”. Getting up and knowing exactly what you are going to do is so much easier than making decisions when you are half awake.

emoticon Solution #3: Think Positive
I really have been a Debbie Downer lately! I’m tired of hearing myself! Time to be positive! To strive for excellence! To be the best I can be! (Any more good clichés?) Your mental attitude is such a HUGE part of weight loss and healthy living. I need to work on driving out negative thoughts and only thinking positive ones again!

So there you have it. I’m facing the truth of my weight gain, my excuses, my problem areas, etc. The first step is always acknowledgement of a problem. Now, I just have to get off my butt and do it already!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You're right. Healthy decisions can be made each day. Decide to work out today. Decide to go to bed on time. Decide to love yourself each day. Don't get so down on yourself, just make your way to where you want, one day at a time.
    2022 days ago
    Sounds like a great start to getting yourself back on track. I could definitely borrow a couple of these myself.

    2022 days ago
    Awesome! Great job recognizing! and honestly it help me reflect this has been the MOST challenging year of my life so many ups and downs.

    i think I need to stick to your plan of action it'll work!

    thanks for sharing!
    2022 days ago
    You did a great job of owning your mistakes and how you will fix them. I am going to use a few of your suggestions...I too put on some weight and have a long way to go. Awesome blog!
    2023 days ago
    go for it! You can do it and accepting that there needs to be a change is key! FIRST STEP TO SUCCESS BABY!
    Change some habits and add some new ones and ENJOY THE JOURNEY whatever you do!

    2023 days ago
    Good for you. I've also had to face the truth lately, and it is a tough pill to swallow. I love how you turned those negatives into positives. You are off to a great new start.
    2023 days ago
    You can do it! emoticon
    2023 days ago
    It's hard to admit that what you are doing isn't working but I LOVE that you wrote how to fix it. My dad always said don't just come to me with your problem but come to me with 3 solutions - one of them being do nothing. I think this is a great approach and you will hopefully be able to get back to your happy, healthier self in no time.
    2023 days ago
  • IRP1114
    Good time of year to get things under control. Actually never a bad time. But you are definitely on the right track facing the facts and setting realistic goals. That is exactly what I am doing right now. Just keeping it simple and continuing to take it one day at a time!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    2023 days ago
    emoticon LIKE THE ATTITUDE
    2023 days ago
  • BREW99
    Maybe this slump has hit us all the last few months but now we can all wake up and reminder to get things done. I've gained a few pds too from moving stress so I'll be right along with you. Not sure if this is any help but when I was in college I would take a recording device (gasp, I didn't have an iphone back then) and record my classes. Then I would listen to them while running on treadmill or elliptical. Or I would take my notes that I had to study for a test and walk on the treadmill while studying the notes. I figured if I could at least walk slow then it's better than nothing at all. Not sure if that helps but it did work for me... emoticon
    2023 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    Good plans! I like your "one day at a time" approach, I think that's a good focus for someone who has so much going on!
    2023 days ago

    Keep your head up!!
    2023 days ago
    Like you have solutions. Consider taping your ankle with KT Tape or use a simply ankle stability brace - it may help
    2023 days ago
    I am sooo with you!!!! emoticon
    2023 days ago
  • JENNIFER0807
    The good thing is that you dont have thaaat far to go to reach your goal! (unlike me) You did it b4 and will do it again. emoticon emoticon
    2023 days ago
    Hey Ms. Positive: You've lost some weight and kept it off! Yeah! Slow and steady wins the race.
    2023 days ago
  • SUZI219
    emoticon you have taken the first step!! You will be successful emoticon
    2023 days ago
  • GUCCI9300
    emoticon emoticon
    2023 days ago
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