Remembering the Faithful Friends

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Good day Ladies:

YEARS ago I fell away from Spark & other activities --ironically those things that brought encourgement and fellowship.

I feared there was so much to handle & there still is-- BUT-- God is faithful

"Be strong & of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be dismayed; for the Lord thy God is with thee withersoever thou goest"
Joshua 1:9

Courage comes from God & can't be mentally drummed up - I comes from believing what God (in the WORD) says no matter what it looks like.
"That fear" comes when we listen to our flesh by listening to the devil's lies.

Walking in the Spirit is the key to overcoming the flesh.

You see God knows what we need.

God can look ahead into our lives and see the traps and pressures the devil is laying out for us.

Trusting to following the promptings (the inward witness- which is the #1 way God leads all His children) of the Spirit of God within us; we won't be dominated by the pressure our flesh tries to put on us.

Abiding in the written WORD will cause us to grow. We'll have to continually draw courage from the Word of God. Then, as we listen to the Holy Spirit prompt us telling us what to do, we will constantly be making small adjustments in our life according to what HE says.

Those little adjustments will keep darkness from overtaking us. Therefore, follow HIS leading and HE will maneuver us around them (temptations, crises, pressures, discouragements) to VICTORY.

He WILL Lead you -
Trust Him & remember that He's got your well-being in mind.

Take a lesson from me and don't play around with listening to your flesh.

I am glad to be back & thankful for your prayers and encouragements.

BE Blessed you Women of God

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