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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I spent the weekend in Chicago with Scott, his mom and brother. He was raised pretty healthy by her. I notice how it affects him by his actions. He automatically picks out lower calorie breads than I ever would lol Even when looking for a candy bar he somehow knows which one is lower in calories without turning it over, three musketeers tend to be lower cuz they are whipped. I don't feel like his mom focuses on her weight by but she knows where to cut corners so she doesnt have to focus or think about it and stay trim. It just seems so odd to me lol My family was the complete opposite and still are. Being more healthy and learning what good and bad things to eat has been a whole lesson to me I had to learn as an adult. If I bring up with my mom that we didn't have veggies with dinner. She will angrilly say "I made green bean casserole". Ok but when u mix green beans with mushroom soup you kinda negate any nutrition. It's yummy, yes! but... Every time my mom shows some kind of motivation to get healthy, trying to get her to eat fruits and veggies is very hard. It's amazing how much more filling a meal is when u add veggies to them. If my dad peels an orange for her and hands it to her, she will eat it. But she wont pick up an orange on her own. Oh well better late than never.

Exercise and eating has been pretty good lately. Been kinda high on calories at night. Something to focus on for sure. So hard to break the cycle. I am just trying to wean myself back as usual. One day will be 2500 calories ok next night lets wean it back to 2200 and ok and then 2000, suddenly we are back to a good place again. It's hard not having a gym membership at the big gym. But I am making it work. I need a break, I need to go back in December all fresh and missing it. Not a fan of the golds express. I feel like all the guys there have something to prove and lifting with Scott I feel like they might be judging him for lifting less. So he wont lift with me at busy times but run while I am lifting. I got no issue with running someone off if they say something to me. But protecting your husband seems kinda, not a good idea lol Men are so weird with each other in a weight room setting. I see groups of men making fun of a guy by himself lifting light. Congrats on getting huge for your male friends. News flash, most women think too big of muscle are nasty. At least your impressing your friends...

Here are my photos from where I left off.

Day 19: Dipping my toe in a photo shoot. My bosses inlaws with their dog.

Day 20: I found this while running. I thought I could use her for some interesting photo shoots and then give her away to a friend who sews.

Day 21: My friend Jamie, we were supposed to run Chicago together. We picked up our $150 dollar tshirts together at least.

Day 22: Scott and his brother ran Chicago marathon together! His brother ran slower but paces Scott and he shaved 7 minutes off last yr! 3:52:40!

Day 23:The colors we get in Illinois.

Day 24: The little jerk digging in my pots!

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    My mom and dad were never obese. They seem to both eat fairly well. As they got older they didn't eat as healthy but it didn't seem to matter as far as their weight goes. I actually prefer green beans without the casserole part. I hate canned soup. I tend to hate things that aren't good for you and like things that are. But I still eat too much.

    I don't like men with huge muscles either. They look terrible in clothes and not even that great out of them. LOL.

    Their dog is so cute! I have a dress form thing that is mesh. Love the picture of Scott and the digger. LOL.

    2078 days ago
    Love the photos!

    And at least you're learning how to make better nutrition choices! (I blew it at dinner tonight, just by making not good choices!)
    2078 days ago
  • JEREMY723
    Wonderful pictures, thanks so much for sharing.
    2079 days ago
    Wonderful pictures!
    2079 days ago
    I have to disagree with you. I don't see how adding mushroom soup to green beans negates its nutrition. That combo sounds good to me - both taste-wise and nutrition-wise. Are you sure you're not being too hard on yourself?

    I'm also not sure Scott's diet sounds good either. My experience is that many lower-calorie breads are missing taste and nutrition. (I went this route for awhile!) I prefer eating the good stuff but less of it than I used to.

    I love your pics. Maybe you can tell me why when I post pics to my blog, they always look too small and have too much detail lost. But yours look like they were designed for this format! They are wonderful. How is that?!
    2079 days ago
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