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Needing to find it again...

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

I've probably slipped down to the furthest I could or care to. I have completely stopped exercising, completely quit tracking. I've discovered more and more about myself and what I need in life though.

My biggest problem with exercising and eating healthy is probably those of the average. I hate to cook. I hate to get up and attempt to cook. I do not have cooking skills, and with most "Healthy" recipes my food is edible at best. I think I'd be much more inclined to cooking if I were fortunate enough to have any cooking classes in this area. But regretfully I don't. Let's be honest, we go out to eat because we like cooking. We go out because we enjoy other people cooking for us. Doing the work, washing the dishes, making tasty food. No matter how skilled you are with ramen noodles, there's a distinct difference between tasty food and food that good for you. No matter how you dress it up. If you can't cook a good "bad for you" meal the prospects of you good healthy meal with mediocre cooking skills. It's a taunting task, especially when you're cooking for more than one. Then you have critics. But isn't that why we're in this predictiment to begin with?

We put ourselves up, and dedicate everything to our families, our children (and if no children, then our pets), our careers, our everything we could give. Then you turn on the t.v., read magazines, hear about it from our friends, husbands about women who can supposedly do it better. They're beautiful, they are healthy, they can feed their families great fantastic meals and we're the horrible wives. Horrible cause we "let" ourselves go. Horrible cause Heaven forbid any woman who truly loves her husband would weigh over 150 lbs. That poor husband who must suffer through having an overweight wife who "doesn't bother taking care of herself"! "Couldn't she just get on a stairsteppper?"
"Ugh, why does he put up with thaaat?"

It's ridicule that we've all heard one point or another. SO why BOTHER cooking at home? Why bother day after day of exercise? Because it's suppose to be for us. Suppose to better ourselves. Suppose to MAKE better of ourselves. It's almost like trying to discover your purpose. It's difficult, messy, full of oops's and uh-ohs. And what you do won't always be perfect, but supposedly with trial and error you'll find your way again. Well that's what I'll be needing. Time for trial and error. A good and simple fall 7 times get back up 8.

But where do you start? I need to learn, or atleast discover a cook book with more than just recipes. Or a tv show, or a website. I've used Spark Recipes, but if anyone knows about a learning visual, I'd most appreciate a point in the right direction.

My plan is simple. Start again with walks, and attempt to learn everything possible about cooking.

I just hope I'll find it again. The spark. The reason.
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    Hey, just like everything else, this takes practice and patience. Patience with yourself - (spending over an hour making lasagna, going by the rules, then waiting for it to bake... and it being the most god awful thing you have ever tasted...I've been there.) Patience with those around you who may not understand why "letting yourself go" happens, patience for your weight loss...
    I'm right there with you. Maybe if you go back and try to remember what it was that got you going in the first place. What are YOUR reasons? Mine is that I want to be healthy and not cringe when my super-healthy family suggests going for a hike after dinner.
    You can do it, girl. Chin up.
    2006 days ago
    im sorry, i know this was posted almost a month ago, but i wish to continue the rant: why dont you ever hear -'how could HE let HIMSELF go' how can she put up with thaaaat? ' its such a GD double standard. my husband has told me flat out, all those things you said above-to my face! he was drunk. and I was on his case about being drunk (it was a weeknight, and Im in recovery and I told him i was fed up with it and why did I have to live with a husband who drinks? and oh ho ho, he pulled out the 'oh yeah-well why to i have to live with a wife who doesnt give a s@#$ about how she looks?! " )and that was when I WAS working out. talk about killing the motivation. but i kept going in spite of that at the time, out of spite i suppose. but a few months later when i hit a wall so to speak, those words were lurking in the back of my head and I said, wft, why DO I care? and just gave up. again. now im back where i started. sorry for the rant, i just needed to get that out. its hard enough fighting the negative talk in my own head, then to have it validated by the only person who I really care abouts opinion of me-yeah it hurt-bad. that was back in march i think, still a little resentful-can you tell?
    2058 days ago
    amen sister :-)!!!! I know exactly how you feel...having a horrible time staying motivated lately. Haven't exercised in too long and having a really hard time eating like I should.
    Menu planning does help a lot though; keeps me focused in the grocery store so I don't make stupid purchases and helps with eating healthy. I've discovered that the most important part is keeping it simple! Really simple!!! When I planned meals that were too overwhelming, we'd end up eating out because I wouldn't feel like cooking them. Batch cooking works too and it's sooo nice to have the food available, but I have to psych myself up to do it because it can be a lot of work initially. Best to do it with some friends and make a day of it!
    I have absolutely fallen in love with the Food Network Channel...watching it has actually improved my cooking skills quite a bit and given me more confidence. I've been able to give some boring, healthy a 'face-lift' that makes them much tastier! If you see a recipe you want to try on a show, it's available on their website.
    Anyway, I'll stop blabbing on. All this is definitely EASIER SAID THAN DONE! Stay strong, keep moving forward and don't give up!
    2076 days ago
    I'm getting started again myself, for something like the 11th time. It is hard to cook healthy, but starting with a freshly stcoked fridge and cupboard full of only health options is a start. We know what is and what is not good for us. Look at labels and pick up plenty of fresh fruit and veggies. Have fun with it. Maybe even try to encourage your husband to cook with you! I find it fun to cook with my wife, plus that way I can see what I am eating and maybe help by offering other healthy suggestions.

    You can do it! Even if we fall down, we need to get right back up and at it. I believe in you!
    2078 days ago
    Batch cooking helps so much. Cooking a bunch of stuff a day a week--nothing complicated. Grill some chicken or fish, make some beans, whatever. But make enough to eat a few times. That way you don't have to invent something new every night. Menus for the week help the overwhelmed feeling too.
    You can do it!
    Good luck!
    2078 days ago
  • JMANDA86
    Meals don't have to be complicated! Look through the recipes here. I bet you can find variations of some of your favorite foods that are way better for you. One big thing about eating healthier is that your taste buds learn to love it. Over time you crave less salt, sweets are overwhelmingly sweet and the 'healthy' food starts to taste better.

    One of my favorite easy fast meals is stir fry. Choose a lean protein, toss in lots of veggies (we often use frozen because we aren't good at not wasting fresh stuff) and add a starch. Make sure the starch is not the biggest part. Try alternatives to rice like quinoa or bulgar wheat. We make stir fry so often because it is so easy...just watch your sodium if you put a sauce on it. Even lite soy sauce is full of sodium!
    2078 days ago
    yeah, trying to restart myself, can record breakfast on tracker, but the rest of the day is not so goood and exercise... ha... whats that..

    2078 days ago
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