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Easy Ways to Boost Your Mood

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

I am exploring ways to deal with stress in my life, WITHOUT reaching for food.
Also, ways to treat myself without using food as a reward. Little indulgences. I am working on my personal list of 'go to' items.

I came across this article today from O Magazine and wanted to share it with you.

* Reader Beware! CHOCOLATE does show up TWICE in this article!

Number 1 was to "Create a Pleasure Drawer"

Desks are usually receptacles for utilitarian paraphernalia. But in the interest of slipping a little self-nurturing into your days, it's time to turn one into your own on-the-spot spa. "Stock your drawer with personal mementos or simple indulgences," suggests Barbanel. Gather your favorite scents, textures and tastes so you can create your own multisensory stress-relief treatments. Our suggestions: tiny scented candles in beautiful tins; pop-art-inspired beanbag sachets scented with invigorating grapefruit and peppermint; Hershey's Kisses; tiny self-massage tools that slip onto your fingertips; a silky jasmine-laced hand lotion to soothe skin; eucalyptus and mint room sprays to combat midafternoon energy slumps; and a lavender facial mist to perk up your complexion.

Chocolate was the final item on the list in this article.

Go Ahead, Have a Bite of Chocolate

"Chocolate is better than a martini," says Oz Garcia, director of nutrition programs at New York City's Equinox gym and spa. "It contains alkaloids and magnesium, copper and other minerals that regulate and stabilize brain chemistry." It also creates a natural high, according to Harvard's Sichel. "Chocolate causes a serotonin surge in the brain, so you get an instant wave of euphoria."

Clearly, happiness can come from stimulating our senses– with short, but frequent, moments of pleasure.

You have dozens of little opportunities every day to indulge yourself–so do it.

11 Ways to Lift Your Mood (or Someone Else's) ~ O Magazine

By Christine Fellingham
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