Tuesday, October 09, 2012

So yesterday I decided to get back on track with Spark People. I tracked all of my food and walked 1 mile. Yay me!

This morning I am at work and I glance at the clock and it’s 9:45 and I am STARVING. I start debating the drive to McDonald’s for a 450 calorie laden sausage McMuffin when I remembered that I had actually planned for this! LOL. So into my purse I dug and grabbed the Special K protein meal bar I had put in the night before for breakfast. Should I have eaten the bar at 7AM so it would have been within an hour of waking? Yes. Did I? Nope.

Rebuilding this habit will obviously take longer than originally anticipated. But food journal is now updated and I now set an Outlook reminder on my calendar to remind me to eat! I must say the irony of an EAT reminder for a fat girl still has me giggling but whatever works right?

So my quote reminder for the day:
"A year from now you will wish you had started
today." - Karen Lamb

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