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Tuesday, October 09, 2012


You’ve heard the story of Pandora’s Box. Curiosity led to opening the box and unleashing all sorts of horror on the world. And what remained in the box was “Hope.” In the scheme of things it was the most important thing in the box. So what does “Hope” have to do with us here at Sparkpeople?

Turns out …. Everything! “Hope” is why we are here! Hope we do it…hope it helps…hope it works….Hope….I make it… “Hope” is what prevents us from giving up. Maybe “Hope” is all some of us have at the moment.

“Hope” is a child, who needs to grow. It needs to grow and develop into something greater…like Motivation….Success… Determination… Resilience... and many others like it. You know….”Big People” words….important words. Words that make us put our money where our mouth is.

“Hope” is our child…we are “Hope’s” parent. It is our responsibility to raise it to be our great, strong reality. Really give this some thought….. We have been given a great gift and right now the reality is that most of us are abusing that gift…..”Hope.”

Stop abusing “Hope” and get down to the business of raising “Hope” to be an amazing grown up! You know what you have to do. Be the best parent you can be….there is no telling what “Hope” can do with the proper care and feeding!

Raise her well……”Hope.”
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