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The Jedi and the Scale

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Once their was a young jedi in training.
She tended towards the height and build of Yoda, but longed to be long and lanky like Jar Jar.
Every day she stood on her scale weighing the differences of the day.
Using a Jedi mind trick, she made the scale to levitate while she stood on it, like a flying carpet. She wanted the scale to take her to new places.
Although she could levitate the scale, she could not seem to make the needle go down. Try as she would, it just wouldn't happen.
Hans Solo walked in all buff and all and said, "Jedi, YOU must move to make the needle fall."
"Wisely speak you do." She stepped off the scale to do just that.
Walking burns more calories than levitating.
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